1. Argyle 1999 Extended Tirage Brut
    This sparkler offers rich and creamy flavors of lemon and grapefruit citrus, Anjou pear and apple leading into a long and vibrant finish with fresh baguette and caramelized sugar.
  2. Domaine Chandon Rose
    A bold and creamy wine that gains it structure from the addition of Pinot Noir at Triage. Enjoy with Lamb.

    Made in AVA
  3. Francis Coppola
    Sofia Sparking Blanc De Blancs
    This sparkling white (not a rose like the pink-tinted package suggests) offers accessible flavors and is a blend of 3 white varietals; Pinot Blanc, Reisling, and a Muscat.

    From Monterey County
  4. What type of grapes are used to make Champagne?
    There are generally 2 types of grapes used. White Chardonnay variety or dark skinned Pinot Noir Or Pinot Meunier red wine variety.
  5. What is Blanc De Blanc Champagne?
    Made with 100% Chardonnay Grapes.
  6. What is Pinot Meunier aka Black Reisling?
    Is a variety of black wine grapes.
  7. What is Chardonnay?
    A green skinned grape to make white wine.
  8. What is Pinot Noir?
    A red wine grape. Pinot meaning "pine" and Nior meaning "black"
  9. What is Blanc De Noir Champagne?
    Made from Pinot Noir or from Pinot Muenier or the mixture of the two.
  10. What is Cuvee De Prestige?
    AkA Cuvee Speciale a name give to premium wines produced by some champagne houses, the first and most famous is Moet &Chandon's Dom Perignon.
  11. What is Rose Champagne?
    This champagne type is a produced by either leaving the clear juice of black grapes to macerate o its skin for particular amount of time, or a small amount fo Pinot noir red wine is added to sparkling cuvee. Although it is produced from red grapes, the color of this wine is light, as gentle processis used to extract the juice, due to which there is minimal contact between the juice and the skin. This is one of the few wines, where a small amount of red wine is added during blending. Due to this, rose champagne has a predictable and reproducible color.
  12. What are the Sweet Champagne types?
    Sweetness is any champagne depend on the amount of sugar added to the champagne at the end of the production process. There are six different recongnized degrees fo sweetness. They are: extra brut, which does ot have added sugar and is bone dry. On the other hand, brut ranges between very dry to dry. Although the name is extra dry, this type of champagne is dry to medium dry. On the other hand, sec is slightly sweet, whereas demi-sec is medium sweet to sweet and not to forget doux, whis very sweet rather a dessert style champagne.
  13. What is Spain's wine called?
    Cava or Cellar
  14. What is the classic name for wine in South Africa?
    Cap Classique or Cape Classsic.
  15. What is name for German Wine?
  16. What is the Italian name for wine?
    Asti Spumanti.
  17. Vintage bottles are used for what type of wine?
    Made from a single year's worth of grapes.
  18. What type of wine is stored in the non-vintage bottles?
    Wines that are made from a blend of different years.
  19. Name 6 brands of Champagne?
    • Veuve clicquot
    • Louis Roederer's Cristal
    • Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon
    • Krug Grand Cuvee
    • Bollinger
    • Perrier-Jouet
  20. Describe Veuve Clicquot Brand and taste.
    It has a unmistable signature yellow-label, non-vintage bottling. It taste a bit thin and acidic. It is the top-of-the-line Grande Dame, which remains as ripe, rich, toasty as nd satisfying as ever.
  21. Describe Louis Roederer's Cristal brand and taste.
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    • is a very fruit robust flavor. Taste like pears, apples, vanilla. Great with cheese. Has a smooth and nutty taste.
  22. Describe Dom Perignon.
    It is refined, feminine champagne, with a soft, creamy mousee and a fine delicate bead.
  23. Describe Krug Grand Cuvee taste.
    Similar to a white Burgundy with bubbles. A toasty, nutty. Great with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.
  24. Descrive Perrier-Jouet's bottle and taste.
    The bottle is hand-painted-flower bottle. Has glass bubbles; graceful, with a fine mousse and an appealing, yearst, biscuity bouquet. It is a bland de blanc.
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