Test 4 Psych

  1. generalized anxiety
    disorders in which a person has feelings of dread & impeding doom along with physical symptoms of stress which can last 6 months or more
  2. panic attack
    sudden onset of intense panic in which multiple physical symptoms of stress occur often with feelings that one is dying
  3. obsessive complusive disorder
    disorder in which intruding thoughts that occur again & again and are followed by some repetitive, ritualistic behavior
  4. hypochondriasis
    somatoform disorder in which the person is terrified of being sick and worries constantly, going to Drs repeatedly, & becoming preoccupied with every sensation of the body
  5. conversion disorders
    somatoform disorder in which the person experiences a specific symptom in the somatic nervous systems functioning, such as paralysis, numbness or blindness, for which there is no physical cause
  6. dissociative amnesia
    loss of memory for personal information, either partial or complete
  7. fuguostate
    when a person suddenly travels away from home & afterwards can not remember the trip or even personal info such as identity
  8. depersonalization
    dissociative disorder in which individuals feel detatched & disconnected from themselves, their bodies & their surroundings
  9. dissociative identity
    disorder occuring when a person seems to have two or more distinctive personalities within one body
  10. depression
    severe depression that comes on suddenly & seems to have no external cause
  11. bipolar disorder
    severe mood swings between major depressive episodes & manic episodes
  12. schizophrenia
    severe disorder in which the person suffers from disordered thinking, bizarre behavior, hallucinations & inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality
  13. anti-social personality disorder
    disorder in which a person has no morals or conscience & often behaves in an impulsive manner without regard for the consequences of that behavior
  14. post traumatic stress disorder
    anxiety disorder resulting from exposure to a major stressor, with symptoms of anxiety, nightmares, poor sleep, reliving the event, and concentration problems, lasting more than 1 month
  15. phobia
    an irrational, persistant fear of an object, situation, or social anxiety
  16. generalized anxiety disorder
    panic attacks
    obsessive compulsive disorder
    anxiety disorders
  17. hypochondriasis
    conversion disorders
    somatoform disorders
  18. dissociative amnesia & fuguostate
    dissociative identity disorder
    dissociative disorders
  19. depression
    bipolar disorder
    mood disorders
  20. antisocial personality
    personality disorders
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