World Civilizations 111

  1. Who were the Political Dynasty in Islam
    The Sassnid Dynasty
  2. What is Dar al-Islam
    • Dar al-Islam, the citizenry abide
    • by the ordinances,
    • rules, edicts, and assembly of Islam.
  3. Who were the Bedouin
    • The Bedouin people are Arab nomadic tribes, living today in Egypt,
    • southern Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabi
  4. -The meaning of Islam

    -The meaning of Muslim
    ISlam- Submission

    Muslim- One who has Submitted
  5. T or F
    Most of Islam was Polythiestic before Muhammed
  6. Hanif if the major god for what Religion
  7. Khadija plays what role in Muhammed's Life
    Muhammeds WIFE
  8. Who Visits Muhammad and tells he is Last prophet of Allah, and tells him of a new way to Practice Religion
    Angel Gabriel
  9. Who is Allah
    Allah is the Islamic God
  10. Who takes over Mecca and Builds a Kaaba their
  11. The Qur'an belongs to which faith

    C. Islam
  12. 1.Suras represent ________

    2. The Hadith are ________ by muhammad and explaination of deeds
    1.Chapters of the Qur'an

    2. Sayings by Muhammad
  13. T or F
    Shiria law states how people function in society reflects how the Qur'an is Understood
  14. What are the Five Pillars of Faith:
    • 1) One god Muhammad is the last Prophet
    • 2) Give 2 the needy
    • 3) Pray 5 times a day
    • 4) Fast during Romidon
    • 5) Travel to Mecca
  15. The Seljuk Turks were From what Region of the World
    Central Asia
  16. The Turks Defeat Who in order to establis control over Anatolia
    The Byzantine Empire
  17. What Event was Sparked by the Turks Invading Byzantine Empire
    The Crusades
  18. What did Alexis do that Sparked the 1st Crusade
    Asked the west for help saying the Christian faith was in trouble
  19. Major Players in the 1st Crusade
    • Alexis 1
    • Pope Urban II
    • The Seljuk
  20. Major Players in the 2nd Crusade
    • St. Bernard of Clairvaux
    • Louis VII
    • Conrad III
  21. Major Players of the 3rd Crusade
    • Saladin the Sultan ofEgypt
    • Pope Gregory VIII
    • Phillip II of France
    • Richard I of England
    • Frederick I the German Holy Roman Emperor
  22. Phillip was the Crusade leader for Which Nation
    A. France
    B. England
    C. German Holy Roman Empire
    A. France
  23. The Holy Roman Empire was?
    Frederick I
  24. Richard the "Lion Hearted" was the Leader of Which Nation
  25. Players in the Children Crusade
    Steve & Nick
  26. What are the 6 Ancient African Civilizations
    • Kush
    • Axxum
    • Great Zimbabwae
    • Ghana
    • Mali
    • SongHai
  27. More than Half of the Sub-Saharan Africa consist of what?
    Grassy Plains or Savanna
  28. Tradititional African Societies baed their politcal units on?
    Lineage and Clans
  29. What major African Nation Existed in East Africa on the highlands on what is now Ethiopia
  30. Ethiopia was unlike its Neighboring Civilizations because it was mostly
  31. The major Swahili Cities were located
    • In the Coastal Pains
    • of East Africa
  32. Mali Benefited from Large Trading Cities such As?
  33. According 2 belief Ethiopia is home 2?
    The Ark of the Cocenant
  34. The Major African Civilization that we already studied were
  35. The Soil of African Rain Forest
    Alternates between very fertil and bareen areas
  36. Other names 4 the Scandanavian Vikings
    • Norse
    • Normans
    • Northman
    • Danes
  37. In the feudal System what was the term used for Grant of Land with Obligations
  38. Who United the Franks in 2 a single kingdom from the German Northern Gaul to the Pyrenees
  39. Which of the following people were not part of the Viking Invasion of Europe
    The Turks and The Moors
  40. The principal obligation that a vassel owned his lord in exchange 4 the land
    Military Service
  41. Conduct Code 4 all Knights
    The Chivarly Code
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