Unit 5 Vocab

  1. amnesty
    (n) a general pardon for an offense against the gov't
  2. autonomy
    (n) self gov't, political control
  3. axiomatic
    (adj) self-evident
  4. blazon
    (v) to display conspicuously
  5. caveat
    (n) a warning or caution
  6. equitable
    (adj) equal, fair, just
  7. extricate
    (v) to free from entanglements
  8. filch
    (v) to steal in petty amounts
  9. flout
    (v) treat with contempt
  10. fractious
    (adj) troublesome, quarrelsome, contrary
  11. precept
    (n) a rule
  12. salutary
    • (adj) 1. beneficial, helpful
    • 2. healthful, wholesome
  13. scathing
    (adj) bitterly severe, withering
  14. scourge
    • (v) to whip, punish severely
    • (n) a cause of affliction or suffering
  15. sepulchral
    (adj) funereal, typical of the tomb
  16. soporific
    • (adj) cause sleep, relating to sleepiness
    • (n) something that induces sleep
  17. straitlaced
    (adj) strict in regard to moral standards and conduct
  18. transient
    • (adj) lasting only a short time
    • (n) one who stays only a short time
  19. unwieldy
    (adj) not easily carried or managed
  20. vapid
    • (adj) 1. dull, tiresome, uninteresting
    • 2. lacking in sharpness,flavor, or liveliness
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