cog ch 5

  1. working memory
    brief immediate memory for material currently beig processed
  2. long term memory
    memory for experiences and lifetime information
  3. episodic memory
    allows an individual to travel backward in subjunctive time and reminisce about earlier episodes in one's life
  4. semantic memory
    organized knowledge about the world; words and factual information
  5. procedural memory
    knowledge about how to do something
  6. encoding
    initial acquisition of information
  7. retrieval
    locating information in storage and accessing that information
  8. autobiographical memory
    memory for events related to everyday life
  9. levels of processing approach
    deep, meaningful kinds of information processing lead to more permanent retention than shallow, sensory kinds of processing (also the depth of processing approach)
  10. distinctiveness
    stimulus is different from other memory traces
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