Respiratory Diagnostic

  1. Auscultation
    Listening to sounds in the body
  2. Pleural Rub
    Scratchy sound produced by the motion of inflamed or irritated pleural surfaces rubbing against each other. AKA friction rub
  3. Percussion
    Tapping on a surface to determine the differences in the density of the underlying structure
  4. rale (crackle)
    Fine crackling sound heard on auscultation ( during inspiration) when there is fluid in alveoli.
  5. Rhonchus (p. rhonchi)
    Lound rumbling sound heard on auscultation of bronchi obstructed by sputum.
  6. Sputum
    Material expelled from the chest by coughing or clearing the throat.
  7. Stridor
    Strained, high-pitched, relatively loud sound made on inspiration; associtated with obstruction of larynx or trachea.
  8. Wheeze
    Continuous high-pitched whistling sound heard when is forced through a narrow space during inspiration or expiration
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Respiratory Diagnostic
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