Social Studies

  1. bureaucracy
    the large organization that runs the daily business of government
  2. Mandate of Heaven
    the belief that the Chinese emperor's right to rule came from the gods
  3. province
    a division of land within an empire or country
  4. seismograph
    a scientific instrument that could detect earthquakes hundreds of miles away, invented during the Han dynasty.
  5. steppe
    a dry, grassy, treeless plain found in Asia and eastern Europe
  6. What is the world's third-largest river?
    Chang Jiang
  7. What did early Chinese farmers learn to grow in the river's valley?
  8. What do oracle bones tell us about religion and writing during the Shang dynasty?
  9. Why was the Zhou craftworker's ability to mold metal an important advance in technology?
  10. What did Shihuangdi do to unify China?
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