1. "Balanced Scorecard"
    affects overall performance in single doc or web-based format
  2. Overall performance
    • Return on equity
    • economic value added
    • financial strength index
    • total margin
  3. market factors
    • inpatient revenue
    • surgical cases
    • medicare days
    • revenue growth
  4. investment efficiency factors
    • days in account receivable
    • inventory to net patient revenue
  5. alternative health care firms
    • nursing homes
    • medical groups
    • health plans
  6. nursing homes are experiencing
    significant growth
  7. 65% of 15,000 nursing homes are _________ vs. only 15% of hospitals
    investor owned
  8. 60% of nursing home care is ________
    publicly financed
  9. demand for nursing home care will increase dramatically in the next ____________
    30 years
  10. expenditures for physician services are currently $400 billion, second only to
    hospital expenditures
  11. physicians control
    85% of all health care expenditures
  12. physicians align with
    • other medical groups
    • hospitals
    • health plans
    • physician management firms
  13. 45.8 million Americans were uninsured in
  14. true or false
    true- health insurance costs have risen rapidly in recent years
  15. HMO Models
    • staff
    • group
    • network
    • IPA
    • mixed
  16. Health Insurance Association of America categorizes health insurance firms as:
    • commercial
    • blue cross/blue shield
    • HMOs
  17. All but which of the following were discussed in Chapter 11 as an Alternative Health Care Firm?
    • A. Nursing Homes
    • B. Medical Groups
    • *C. Independent Care Facilities
    • D. Health Plans
  18. What term is used to describe a document that presents a balanced summary of organizational performance?
    • A. Executive Summary
    • *B. Dashboard Report
    • C. Productivity Report
    • D. None of the above
  19. T or F
    • T
    • Health insurance costs have risen rapidly in recent years
  20. Approximately 60% of nursing home care is currently publicly (Medicare and Medicaid) funded

    T or F
  21. Direct costs are directly linked to
    products or services
  22. Indirect costs are not easily traceable to
    products or services
  23. variable directly proportional to
  24. Fixed ______ change in response to volume
    do not
  25. Semifixed costs are
    fixed for a range of volume
  26. semivariable have a ______
    fixed and variable portion
  27. curvilinear costs can be estimated in a ___________ range
  28. Avoidable costs can eliminated if there is a _______
    decrease in volume
  29. Sunk Costs are costs that have already been
  30. incremental costs are costs that result from
    increases in volume
  31. opportunity costs are cost associated with
    forgoing alternatives
  32. Indirect Costs of nonrevenue are allocated using an
    "allocation base"or "cost driver"

    • Common allocation bases:
    • square footage
    • FTEs
    • Direct Labor Hours
  33. Profitability is influenced by
    • rates or prices
    • volume
    • variable costs
    • fixed costs
    • bad debts
  34. Which of the following was not listed as a common allocation basis for Indirect Costs?
    • A. Square Footage
    • B. FTEs
    • C. Direct Labor Hours
    • *D. All of the above
  35. Which costs can be eliminated if there is a decrease in volume?
    Incremental Costs
  36. T or F

    Variable costs are directly proportional to volume.
  37. T or F

    Indirect Costs are easily traced to products or services.
  38. Sunk costs have already occured
  39. FV or PV
    • number of periods
    • present value
    • future value
    • interest rate
  40. Annuity situations arise when there are multiple payments/deposits or receipts of the ______ dollar amount
  41. Capital decision-making
    • objectives are difficult to quantify
    • a greater number of people are involved in the process
  42. Which of the following individuals was not listed as an internal participant in the capital decision making process?
    Community Representatives
  43. An _____________ situation arises when there are multiple payments/ deposits or receipts of the same dollar amount.
  44. The Present Value or Future Value of an Annuity can be calculated using their respective Tables as long as the payments or receipts are the same amount each period.

    T or F
  45. In Capital Project Analysis, a lower Net Present Value (NPV) is preferable to a higher NPV.

    T or F
  46. Capital Project Analysis is primarily concerned with evaluating existing program and services.

    T or F
  47. Article that deals with changes to reimbursement is for what type of service?
    long term care
  48. Return on Equity
    Excess of Revenue over Expenses / Net Asses
  49. Days in A/ R
    Net Accounts recievable / Net Patient Revenue
  50. Inpatient Revenue
    Gross IP Revenue / Gross Patient Revenue
  51. Surgical Case
    Medicare Surgical Discharges / Medicare Total Discharges
  52. Medicaid Days
    Medicaid Patient Days / Total Patient Days
  53. Deduction %
    Contractual Allowances / Gross Patient Revenue
  54. Net Patient Revenue per FTE
    Net Patient Revenue / FTE
  55. Average Charge per case
    Total expenses / Total cases
  56. Debt financing
    Total liabilities / Total assests
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