Scalene muscles

  1. Attachment of anterior scalene muscle
    • Transverse processes of C3-C6 to the scalene tubercle of rib 1
    • (descends inferolaterally)
  2. Attachment of middle scalene muscle
    • Posterior tubercles of the transverse processes of C4-C6 to the superior surface of 1st rib
    • (descends inferolaterally)
  3. Relationship of subclavian artery to scalene muscles
    between the scalenes at the 1st rib
  4. Relationship of subclavian vein to scalene muscles
    Anterior to anterior scalene muscle
  5. Relatioship of thyrocervical trunk to scalene muscles
    Medial to anterior scalene muscle
  6. Relationship of phrenic nerve to scalene muscles
    Anterior surface of anterior scalene muscle
  7. Relationship of transverse and suprascapular arteries to scalene muscles
    cross over phrenic nerve on the anterior scalene muscle
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Scalene muscles
Anterior and middle scalene muscles attachments, and relationship to structures in the neck