History exam

  1. List the New England colonies
    Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire
  2. Economics in the New England Colonies
    small farming and trading
  3. Puritans =
    purify the Church of England.
  4. Puritans settled in
    Massachusetts Bay
  5. Puritans wanted
    an utoopian society
  6. Puritans inforced
    strict laws such as killing children for disobedience.
  7. Disagreed with what the Puritans were doing and were banished
    Roger Williams and Anne Hutchison
  8. Roger Williams founded
    the colony of Rhode Island where people could worship as they pleased.
  9. Pilgrims =
    separated from the Church of England
  10. Pilgrims settled in
  11. Pilgrims came to America in
    the Mayflower
  12. The Pilgrims made the Mayflower Compact
    which stated that majority ruled and was an early form of democracy
  13. ask Mr ALfers
    Pilgrims waged war with Native Americans is a war called the French and Indian War
  14. The Middle Colonies colonies
    Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware
  15. Economics in the Middle Colonies
    Farm, trading, hunting, timber, and ship building
  16. William Penn
    founded the Pennsylvania colony
  17. The Southern Colonies colonies
    Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina
  18. Economics in the Southern Colonies:
    Farming – tobacco, cotton, indigo
  19. George Calvert (Lord Baltimore)
    founded Georgia
  20. James Oglethorpe
    he started the first settlement in Savanah
  21. Magna Carta –
    Limited the kings power – right to a trial and jury/ not allowed to seize homes
  22. House of Burgesses –
    selected representative to make decisions for the colony
  23. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
    constitution outline the government duties and roles
  24. Salutary Neglect
    England left the colonies alone to grow and develop
  25. Cause of the French and Indian War
    land in colonies - French land and British land started to bump into each other
  26. George Washington and Fort Duquesne
    assigned to go get fort D but lost
  27. Ben Franklin’s Albany Plan of Union
    first formal proposal to unite the colonies
  28. British culture
    was proper had a since of etiquette
  29. Colonial culture
    were casual not sloppy, but casual
  30. British fighting style
    organized stood in lines
  31. Colonial fighting style
    very organized gurilla style like hit-in-run
  32. Effects of war - British
    were in debt were bitter because they thought they were sloppy and unorganized
  33. Effect of war - colonies
    felt good were cool!!!!! Sense of resentment because British thought they were better than everyone
  34. 2 reasons people came to America
    religious and making money
  35. the French and Indian war the British called the Colonist
    Americans because they were not quite british
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