Ag Animals

  1. What are the top 5 dairy raising states?
    • 1. California
    • 2. Wisconsin
    • 3. New York
    • 4. Michigan
    • 5. Pennsylvania
  2. How many dairy cows are in the USA?
    9 million
  3. how many daiy farms are in CT?
    160 farms
  4. Holstein
    • most popular breed
    • 90% of dairy cows in US
    • black and white
    • produce the most milk
  5. Ayshire
    red and white
  6. Brown Swiss
    Shades of brown or grey
  7. Guernsey
    Fawn/ orange and white marking
  8. Jersey
    Fawn color
  9. Milking Shorthorn
    red, white, or roan
  10. Average Birth Weight
    80 lbs
  11. Weaning Age
    2 Months
  12. Age at First Calving
    2 years
  13. Dehorning
    horns are removed before they are weaned
  14. Lactation
    period of time a cow produces milk (standard length is 305 days)
  15. Dry Period
    60 day resting period when cows are not milked until they calve again
  16. Fresh Cow
    cow that recently calved
  17. Colostrum
    mother's first milk, loaded with antibodies to help calf stay healthy
  18. TRM
    Total Mixted Ration, modern way to feed cows a balanced ation to maximize production
  19. Calf Hutch
    modern way to raise calves, kept in seperate hutches, are healthier raised that way
  20. Haylage
    chopped hay fermanted and stored in a silo
  21. Corn Silage
    chopped corn plant fermented and stored in a silo
  22. Concentrate
    grain fed to a cow
  23. roughages
    plant material (haylage, con silage, pasture, or hay) fed to dairy cows
  24. Purebread
    registered cows that have proof of ancestory ans woth more when sold
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