Exploration Test

  1. caravel
    -a ship with triangular sails that allowed it to sail into the wind
  2. sextant
    -able to locate where in the world someone was by looking at stars
  3. Dias
    -first Euro. to reach the south tip of africa-cape of good hope
  4. De Gama
    -first Euro. that managed to sail all the way around Africa and back
  5. christopher columbus
    -"discovered" americas
  6. amerigo vespucci
    -explored the coast of s. america, he described it so well that a german map maker named it after him
  7. hernando cortes
    -conquered the aztecs
  8. francisco pizarro
    -conquered the inca
  9. juan ponce de leon
    -looked for fountain of youth, discovered florida
  10. ferdinand magellan
    -captain of 1st ship to sail (circumnavigate) around the world
  11. henry hudson
    -has hudson bay, river, & strait named after him
  12. john cabot
    -1st Euro. to reach n. america sailing for english
  13. northwest passage
    -all water trade route through n. america to indies
  14. conquistadors advantages vs. mesoamerica
    • -small pox and flu=disease
    • -superior weapons/tactics
    • -alliances with other tribes
    • "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"
    • -brutality, no mercy
  15. missions
    • -forts/churches
    • -offered natives food, protection, & education
    • -hope was natives would convert to catholicism
  16. slavery in history
    • -code of hammurabi-oldest set of written laws-had rules for slavery
    • -book of genesis
  17. portugese gold traders
    -western slavery started in 1400's when w. african kings sold POW's to Portugese gold traders
  18. columbian exchange
    • -transfer of living things btwn. east & west hemisphere due to Euro expansion
    • ----->corn, pineapple, tobacco, turkey
    • <----grapes, bananas, citrus fruits, honey bees
  19. joint-stock companies
    -split the cost & profit of financing a colony
  20. mercantilism
    • -a colonial power takes or buys a natural resource from their colonies
    • -they turn those resources into finished goods
    • -then sell them back to the colonies for profit
  21. portugals economics
    -became very wealthy off spice trade
  22. why the europians went exploring
    • -wealth
    • -spice trade with middle east/indies
    • -went looking for gold in the new world
    • -christianity
    • -wanted to spread christianity, spec. catholicism
    • -missionarie
    • -empires
    • -land=power & prestige
    • -technology
    • -caravel
    • -sexton and compass
    • -renaissance spirit
    • -exploring showed potention of ppl
    • -new idea of living for today they wanted to explore & be adventorous
  23. why portugal led the way in exploration
    -prince henry gave gov. support to portugese exploration, wanted to get rich off spice trade
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