Triangles of the neck

  1. Posterior triangle divisions
    • Occipital triangle
    • Supraclavicular (omoclavicular) triangle
    • Submandibular triangle

    Divided by the inferior belly of the omohyoid
  2. Posterior triangle boundaries
    (Anterior, Posterior, Inferior, Apex, Roof and Floor)
    • Anterior: Posterior border of SCM
    • Posterior: Anterior border of trapezius
    • Inferior: middle 1/3 of clavicle
    • Apex: Where SCM and trapezius meet on superior nuchal line
    • Roof: Investing layer of deep cervical fascia
    • Floor: Muscles covered by prevertebral layer of deep cervical fascia
  3. Occipital triangle contents
    • Part of EJV
    • Posterior branches of cervical plexus
    • Accessory nerve
    • Trunks of brachial plexus
    • Transverse cervical artery
    • Cervical lymph nodes
  4. Contents of Omoclavicular triangle
    • 3rd part of subclavian artery
    • part of subclavian vein
    • suprascapular artery
    • supraclavicular lymph nodes
  5. What are the divisions of the anterior triangle?
    • Submandibular (digastric) triangle
    • Submental triangle
    • Carotid triangle
    • Muscular (omotracheal) triangle
  6. What are the boundaries of the anterior triangle?
    (Anterior, Posterior, Superior, Apex, Roof and Floor)
    • Anterior: median line of neck
    • Posterior: anterior border of SCM
    • Superior: Inferior border of mandible
    • Apex: Jugular notch of manubrium
    • Roof: Subcutaneous tissue containing platysma
    • Floor: Pharynx, larynx and thyroid
  7. Submandibular triangle contents
    • Submandibular gland
    • Submandibular lymph nodes
    • Hypoglossal nerve
    • Mylohyoid nerve
    • Parts of facial artery and vein
  8. Submental triangle contents
    • Submental lymph nodes
    • Small veins that unite to form AJV
  9. Carotid triangle contents
    • Carotid sheath
    • External carotid artery
    • Hypoglossal nerve
    • Superior root of ansa cervicalis
    • Accessory nerve
    • Thyroid
    • Larynx
    • Pharynx
    • Deep cervical lymph nodes
    • Branches of cervical plexus
  10. Muscular triangle contents
    • Sternothyroid muscle
    • Sternohyoid muscle
    • Thryroid
    • Parathyroids
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