GBio Test 3, Chapter 7

  1. Diffusion
    The movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
  2. Image Upload 2 What is happening here?
  3. What Factors Effect Diffusion?
    • Temperature
    • Size (smaller particles diffuse faster)
    • Shape (a round particle will move faster than a globular one)
    • Environment in which occurring (solid, liquid, gas)
    • Concentration gradient (the steeper, the faster)
  4. What is Osmosis?
    The movement of water from an area of high concentration to low.
  5. What is a Concentration Gradient?
    the rate at which it diffuses with the area. Ex: perfume in the room. Will reach the back last.
  6. Describe a Solution, solute, and solvent and give an example of each,
    • Solution-made up of a solute and solvent. (coke)
    • Solute- the thing which is being dissolved. (salt)
    • Solvent- the thing which isdoing the dissolving (water)
  7. Describe Passive Diffusion and give an example
    • cell doesn’t have to expend (use) energy to make it happen. Substances move directly through membrane from area of high to low concentration. No protein Carrier.
    • Ex: Gases, water, lipid soluble molecules
  8. Image Upload 4What is being shown in this picture?
    Passive Diffusion
  9. Describe Fassiliated Diffusion and give examples
    • uses passive transport (bc the particles are moving in the same direction) to move particles through the cell membrane with the help of transport proteins. (channel and carrier protein)
    • Moves from High to low concentration.
    • Ex: sugars and amino acids
  10. Describe Active Transport and give examples
    • Moving from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration. (move from areas of less concentration to areas with more concentration
    • Energy needed
    • Protein carryer needed
    • EX: some sugars and amino acids
  11. Image Upload 6what is taking place in this picture?
    Active Transport
  12. Label the following diagram with the terms: Passive Transport, Active Transport, and Faciliated Diffusion.Image Upload 8
    Image Upload 10
  13. What is Endocytosis?
    Transportation into the cell
  14. What is Exocytosis?
    Transportation to the outside of the cell
  15. What process does this show? (pic of endo or exocytosis)
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