man without a country vocab

  1. expedition
    n.: a journey or voyage made for a specific purpose
  2. availed
    v.: used to his advantage, made use of
  3. garrison
    n.: a body of troops stationed in a fortified place
  4. treason
    n.: violation of allegiance to one's state; the betrayal of a trust or confidence; treachery
  5. etiquette
    n.: formally approved requirements for proper behavior in a given situation
  6. allusion
    n.: a passing or casual reference to something, either directly or implied
  7. insignia
    n.: a badge or distinguishing mark of office or honor
  8. chivalry
    n.: a combination of qualities that include courage, generosity, and courtesy
  9. crimson
    n.: deep purplish red
  10. frigate
    n.: a fast naval vessel of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
  11. dispatches
    n.: messages or official communications sent with speed
  12. infernal
    adj.: extremely troublesome, annoying; outrageous
  13. pardoned
    v.: forgave, especially an offender
  14. overhauled
    v.: gained upon, caught up with; overtook
  15. schooner
    n.: any sailing vessel with both a foremast and a mainmast
  16. hold
    n.: the cargo space in the hull of a vessel, especially between the lowermost deck and the bottom
  17. hogshead
    n.: a large wooden barrel
  18. spontaneous
    adj.: coming from a natural feeling without effort; unplanned
  19. liberality
    n.: generosity and open-mindedness
  20. fervent
    adj.: very warm or intense
  21. wretched
    adj.: characterized by misery and sorrow; miserable
  22. sovereignty
    n.: supreme and independent power or authority
  23. grandeur
    n.: impressiveness, importance, distinction
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