Medical Terminology OFT 140

  1. Bariatric Surgery
    • treatment of morbid obesity by surgery to the stomach &/or intestines
    • - procedures include restrictive techniques that limit the size of the stomach & malabsorptive techniques that limit the absorption of food
    • - (baros= weight; iatric= pertains to treatment)
  2. Cheiloplasty
    repair of the lip
  3. Glossectomy
    excision of all or part of the tongue
  4. Glossorrhaphy
    suture of the tongue
  5. Esophagoplasty
    repair of the esophagus
  6. Gastrectomy
    partial or complete removal of the stomach
  7. Gastric Resection
    partial removal & repair of the stomach
  8. Abdominocentesis
    puncture of the abdomen for aspiration of fluid
  9. Laparotomy
    incision into the abdomen
  10. Laparoscopic Surgery
    abdominal surgery using a laparoscope
  11. Hemiorrhaphy
    repair of a hernia
  12. Colostomy
    • creation of an opening in the colon through the abdominal wall
    • - creates an abdominal anus which allows stool to bypass a diseased portion of the colon
    • - performed to treat: ulcerative colitis, cancer, or obstruction
  13. Anastomosis
    • union of two hollow vessels
    • - used in: bowel surgery
  14. Ileostomy
    • surgical creation of an opening on the abdomen in which the end of the ileum is attached
    • - provides a passageway for ileal discharges
    • - performed after removal of the colon
  15. Appendectomy
    excision of a diseased appendix
  16. Incidental Appendectomy
    removal of the appendix during abdominal surgery for another procedure
  17. Polpectomy
    excision of polyps
  18. Proctoplasty
    repair of the anus & rectum
  19. Anal Fistulectomy
    excision of an anal fistula
  20. Hemorrhoidectomy
    excision of hemorrhoids
  21. Hepatic Lobectomy
    excision of a lobe of the liver
  22. Cholecystectomy
    excision of the gallbladder
  23. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
    excision of the gallbladder through a laparoscope
  24. Cholelithotomy
    incision for removal of gallstones
  25. Choledocholithotomy
    incision of the common bile duct for extraction of gallstones
  26. Cholelithotripsy
    crushing of the gallstones
  27. Pancreatectomy
    excision of the pancreas
  28. Gastric Lavage
    • oral insertion of a tube into the stomach for examination & treatment (remove blood clots, monitor bleeding)
    • - (lavage= to wash)
  29. Nasogastric (NG) Intubation
    insertion of a tube through the nose into the stomach for various purposes
  30. Antacid
    • therapeutic drug
    • - neutralizes stomach acid
  31. Antiemetic
    • therapeutic drug
    • - prevents or stops vomiting
  32. Antispasmodic
    • therapeutic drug
    • - decreases motility in the gastrointestinal tract to arrest spasm or diarrhea
  33. Cathartic
    • therapeutic drug
    • - causes movement of the bowels
    • - also called: laxative
  34. Bx
  35. C&S
    culture & sensitivity
  36. CT
    computed tomography
  37. EGD
  38. ERCP
    endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
  39. GERD
    gastroesophageal reflux disease
  40. GI
  41. HAV
    hepatitis A virus
  42. HBV
    hepatitits B virus
  43. HCV
    hepatitis C virus
  44. LLQ
    left lower quadrant
  45. LUQ
    left upper quadrant
  46. MRI
    magnetic resonance imaging
  47. NG
  48. PUD
    peptic ulcer disease
  49. RLQ
    right lower quadrant
  50. RUQ
    right upper quadrant
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