Geog ch 11

  1. forces that tend to pull states apart
    centrifugal forces
  2. forces that bind a state together
    centripetal forces
  3. a state that has proven incapable of providing its citizens with either economic development or even peace and security
    collapsed states
  4. the historic homeland of a nation or area of greatest settlement
    core area
  5. government by representatives of interest groups
  6. the splitting of a state population among several local primary allegiances
    cultural subnationalism
  7. the study of voting districts and voting patterns
    electoral geography
  8. teaching youngsters a society's values and traditions, its political and social culture
  9. states that have proven incapable of providing it's citizens with either economic development or even peace and security
    failed states
  10. a form of government in which a central government shares power with subunits
    federal government
  11. a pseudoscience studying "the natural and necessary trend towards expansion as a means of self preservation"; today often loosely applied to studies of military strageties
  12. the drawing of voting district lines in ways that include or exclude specific groups of voters, so that one group gains an unfair advantage
  13. a state's set of symbols, including a flag and an anthem
  14. the imperialist use of native rulers as intermediaries between the imperialists and the people
    indirect rule
  15. territory that one state claims from another
  16. government by thieves or theft
  17. a society in which the most capable people can rise to the top on merit alone
  18. a state containing several nations
    multinational state
  19. a group of people who want to have their own government and rule themselves
  20. a state ruling over a territory containing all the people of a nation and no others
  21. the idea of the nation-state as defended by US president Woodrow Wilson after WWI
    national self determination
  22. an elite privileged clique
  23. a willingness to join together and form a government to solve common problems
    political community
  24. the set of unwritten ways in which written rules are interpreted and actually enforced
    political culture
  25. the theory of British psychologist Herbert Spencer that "Nature's Law" calls for "the survival of the fittest", even among cultures and entire peoples
    social darwinism
  26. same as enculturation
  27. an independent political unit that claims exclusive jurisdiction over a defined territory and over all of the people and activities within it
  28. the boundaries that imperialists drew to establish colonies over natives' territorial demarcations
    superimposed boundaries
  29. the belief that a nation must have some minimal population and territory to merit self determination
    threshold principle
  30. a form of government in which the balance of power lies with the central government
    unitary government
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