Geog ch 10

  1. the bringing of people and activities together in one place for greater convenience
  2. the part of a city's economy that is producing exports
    basic sector
  3. abandoned polluted industrial sites in central cities, many of which are today being cleaned and redeveloped
  4. an activity in which a large amount of capital is invested per worker
    capital-intensive activity
  5. the traditional core of the city where office buildings and retail shops tend to be concentrated
    central business district (CBD)
  6. a model of the distribution of cities across an isotropic plain
    central place theory
  7. a concentrated non agricultural human settlement
  8. residential clustering by choice
  9. two or more contiguous MSAs
    consolidated metropolitan statistical area (CMSA)
  10. the range of goods and services in a city that can be rented or hired temporarily
    external economies
  11. the settlements that make up the outermost ring of expanding metropolitan areas
  12. the occupation and restoration of select urban residential neighborhoods by successful urban white-collar workers
  13. the region to which any city provides services and upon which it draws for its needs
  14. the process of defining a city territory and establishing a government
  15. the economic activities that do not appear in official accounts
    informal or underground sector
  16. those goods and services that a large company can provide for itself
    internal economies
  17. an activity that employs a high ratio of workers to invested capital
    labor-intensive activity
  18. an integrated economic and social unit with a recognized large population nucleus, according to the US census bureau
    metropolitan statistical area (MSA)
  19. the fact that jobs in a city's basic sector multiply jobs in the non basic sector
    multiplier affect
  20. the theory that central city unemployment is caused by a lack of social netowrks
    network hypothesis
  21. the part of a city's economy serving the needs of the city itself
    nonbasic sector
  22. the study of the interaction between political processes and the distributions of all other activities and transformations of the landscape
    political geography
  23. that part of the economy that extracts resources directly from earth, including agriculture, fishing, forestry, and mining
    primary sector
  24. a large city concentrating a national population or national political, intellectual, or economic life
    primate city
  25. that part of the economy that transforms raw materials into manufactured goods
    secondary sector
  26. residential clustering as the result of discrimination
  27. that part of the economy that services the primary and secondary sectors
    service sector
  28. the hypothesis that central city unemployment is caused by the removal of job opportunity to the suburbs and the concentration of the poor in the central city
    spatial mismatch hypothesis
  29. working at home at a computer terminal connected to an office
  30. that part of the economy that services the primary and secondary sector
    tertiary sector
  31. areas within which governments create generous conditions for enterprises to encourage the creation of jobs
    urban enterprise zones
  32. the geographic study of cities
    urban geography
  33. the process of concentrating people in cities
  34. restricting or prescribing the use to which parcels of land may be put
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