Verb Test

  1. What does a verb show?
    Action or a state of Being
  2. What is an action verb
    is a verb of something that you do
  3. Linking Verb
    A state of being LINKS a word in the subject to a word in the predicate that renames or describes the subject.
  4. What type of verb is in the sentence?
    Action or Linking

    The trees grow taller over the years.
    Action Verb

    The tree did Something.
  5. The baby becomes tired during the long day.

    What type of verb is this?
    Becomes is the linking verb.

    Baby is linked to tired.
  6. Is the verb action or linking?

    Oak trees turn red in the late autumn.
    Turn is the linking verb.
  7. Is it an action or linking verb?

    The alligator moved to the corner of the pen.
    Moved is the Action Verb
  8. Action or Linking Verb

    I feel the difference between the two types of sandpaper.
    Feel is an Action verb
  9. A bloodhound smells the scent of a person on leaves and grass.

    The verb is action or linking.
    Smells is the action verb.
  10. You look tired.

    Action or linking verb?
    Look is the linking verb.

    It links you and tired.
  11. I feel sick today.

    Action or Linking

    Feel Today
  12. Spices smell delicious to me.
    Smell is the linking verb.
  13. Verb Phrase

    What is it?
    Formed with one or more helping verbs and one main verb.

    People have grown flowers for many years.
  14. A swarm of grasshoppers could have eaten the farmer's crops.

    What is the verb phrase?
    could have eaten
  15. Many people in the world will eat locusts.

    What is the verb prhase?
    The verb phrase is

    will eat locusts
  16. Crops can be destroyed by locusts.

    What is the verb phrase?
    can be destroyed

    is the verb phrase
  17. Can people read your handwriting easily?

    What is the verb phrase?
    Can read is the verb phrase.
  18. What are the three verb tenses:
    • Present
    • Past
    • Future
  19. What is the present tense?
    Shows something that is happening now or on a regular basis.
  20. What is the past tense?
    Shows something that has already happened.
  21. What is the future tense?
    Shows something that will happen at a later time.
  22. Handwriting is one of your most important skills.

    What is the tense?
  23. In the 1950's, crew cuts became popular among men.
    Verb is cuts and is past tense.
  24. Perhaps a few lighthouses will use nuclear energy one day.
    Future tense

    verb is will use
  25. A lighthouse acts as a guide to shps at sea.
    as is the verb

    present tense
  26. About 300 B.C. , Egyptians built the first lighthouse.
    built is the verb

    past tense
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