Goldenrod/pink Foldables for Motion

  1. Compare average speed to instantaneous speed
    Average Speed is the total distance travelled divided by the total time to travel the distance.

    Instantaneous Speed is speed of an object at a certain point of time or at one instant of time
  2. Compare speed to velocity
    (scalar vs. vector)
    • Speed = D/T (scalar)
    • Velocity = speed in a certain direction (vector)
  3. Compare Distance to Displacement
    vs vector)
    Distance = total length covered from beginning to end (scalar)

    Displacement = length from the starting point to the ending point in a straight line and direction (vector)
  4. List the 3 ways to cause acceleration
    • 1. speed up
    • 2. chenge direction
    • 3. slowing down
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Goldenrod/pink Foldables for Motion
defining basice terms of force and motion for 8th gr level science/physics