Chemistry Vocab-8th grade

  1. matter
    anything that takes up space and has mass
  2. elements
    any substance that can't be separated into simpler substances by chemical means
  3. compounds
    • atoms of different elements bonded together
  4. mixture
    2 or more substances physically combined
  5. atom
    ---basic building block of matter

    • --smallest part of an element
  6. nucleus
    dense, positively charged center
  7. protons
    positively charged particles in the nucleus
  8. neutrons
    neutral particles in the nucleus (no charge)
  9. electrons
    negatively charged particle surrounding the nucleus
  10. atomic mass
    represents the total neutrons and protons in an atom
  11. atomic weight
    represents the total neutrons and protons in an atom
  12. atomic number
    represents the number of protons in an element
  13. isotopes
    same number of protons but different number of neutrons
  14. chemical change
    • -new compounds formed
    • examples of: color change, odor, precipitate, bubbling
  15. physical change
    • NO new compounds formed
    • -substances only physically mix
  16. precipitate
    new solid formed in a chemical reaction
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Chemistry Vocab-8th grade
Chemistry Vocab-8th grade