Printer Facts

  1. Dot Matrix printer speed is measured in?
    Characters per second (CPS)
  2. Ink Jet (Ink Dispersion) speed is measured in?
    Pages per minute (PPM)
  3. Laser printer speed is measured in?
    Pages per minute (PPM)
  4. Dye Sublimation (Dye Diffusion Thermal Photo) speed is measured in?
    Pages per minute (PPM)
  5. Solid Ink printer speed is measured in?
    Pages per minute (PPM)
  6. Thermal printer speed is measured in?
    Pages per minute (PPM)
  7. Uses pins that physically strike the paper through an inked ribbon.
    Dot Matrix printer
  8. Good for carbon copy document printing.
    Dot Matrix printer
  9. Operates in either a font or dot-addressable mode.
    Dot Matrix printer
  10. Non-impact printer which stores ink in a reservoir.
    Ink Jet printer
  11. Inexpensive way to produce color printouts.
    Ink Jet printer
  12. What is the rating of crispness in an Ink Jet printer's image?
    Dots Per Inch (DPI)
  13. Boils the ink.
    Dye Sublimation
  14. Uses solid ink.
    Thermal printer
  15. Uses toner.
    Laser printer
  16. Prints full page at a time.
    Laser printer
  17. Used to create photography quality images.
    Dye Sublimation printer
  18. Print Server
    The computer where printing is established.
  19. Printer
    A virtual device inside the print server that can be configured to send output to a printing device. Made up of the print driver, the printing device, and the spooler.
  20. Print Device
    The physical device connected to the print server where the print output occurs.
  21. Print Queue
    The portion of the hard drive where print jobs are stored before going to the print device.
  22. Printer port types for parrallel port printers.
    Nibble, Compatiblity, BYTE, EPP, ECP
  23. What occurs during the cleaning stage in a laser printer?
    A rubber blade wipes any looser toner off the drum and a fluorescent lamp removes any electrical charge from the drum.
  24. What occurs during the conditioning stage of a laser printer?
    The primary corona prepares the OPC drum by causing it to receive a negative electrostatic charge.
  25. What occurs during the writing stage of a laser printer?
    A laser beam changes the charge on the surface of the drum in a pattern of the page's image.
  26. What occurs during the developing stage of a laser printer?
    The developing roller applies toner to the drum, the toner sticks to the charged areas of the drum.
  27. What occurs during the transferring stage of a laser printer?
    The transfer corona charges the paper to attract the toner.
  28. What occurs during the fusing stage of a laser printer?
    Fusing rollers attach the toner to the paper by pressing and melting it. As the paper leaves the printer, a static eliminator strip removes the static charge from the paper.
  29. What part shouldn't you expose to light from a laser printer?
    The OPC drum.
  30. What can cause a vertical stripe down the print job?
    Dirty corona wire.
  31. What part of a laser printer is hot enough to burn you?
    The fuser assembly.
  32. What is a common cause of "accordion" paper jams?
    Worn rollers
  33. What malfunctioning piece in a laser printer could cause mishandled paper?
    Static-eliminator strip.
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