1. Ceratopsian dinosaurs are what type of eaters?
  2. Which type of dinosaurs made up 25% of the fauna in the late cretacious?
  3. Ceratopsian with large spaces in the frill, weak structure;
  4. Ceratopsian with spikes on the frill;
  5. Small Triceratops
  6. This dinosaur is a bipedal Triceratops
  7. Which type of dinosaurs were discovered in the Gobi Dessert in 1992 ?
  8. Ceratopsians had the stance of a elephant or lizard;
  9. Rostal Bone
    This bone is completely disntinc the Ceratopsia dinosaurs. It is the upper mouth, beak-like bone.
  10. The origin of ceratopsian dinosaurs is?
    The late cretacious in Asia
  11. Torosaurus is what
    • The large ceratopsian
    • Frill is not solid bone.
  12. Frill's on ceratopsian dinosaurs are used for;
    • The upper jaw attaches to them,
    • Sexual selection,
    • Thermal regulation?
    • Intimidation.
  13. Ceratopsian dinosaurs move like;
  14. Ornithopod means;
  15. Ornithopod's have _______ fossil distribution
  16. When were ornithopod's chillin around?
    Early jurassic, late cretaceous
  17. Ornithopod's = Ornitichians
  18. When were ornithopod dinosaurs discovered?
    1922 teeth from iguanadon discovered in england !
  19. Which type of dinosaurs were excavated in belgium ?
    31 sets of iguanadons (ornithopod's)
  20. Ornithopod's have 80+ species and still going
  21. The two sub branches of ornithopod's are;


  22. several walls / rows of teeth are called;
    dentel battery

    Ceretopsian + Ornithopod dino's have em.
  23. Edmontosaurus was known for ;
    duck billed dinosaur

    bipedal + quadropod
  24. Maiasaur
    Put it's younge in it's mouth !
  25. Iguanadon was what type of locomotion?
    Could be bipedal or quadropedal, shit had strong forlimbs, can do both maybe? sup
  26. Iguanadon had osified tendons on it's back tail for:
    balance, obviosly you retard.
  27. Hands of the igaunadon were unique in what way?
    • The thumb was sharp for cutting shit / poking shit like your eyes .
    • 5th finger pointed in opposite direction, other middle fingers were hoofs to walk on.
  28. The iguanadon's teeth were
    • clearly block of cheeck teeth, dentel battery,
    • very strong muslces

    this guy had a set of chompers, that's for surre.
  29. Bilateral orientation means;
    top connects to bottom everywhere, like our molars do.
  30. Pleurokinesis means:
    • oppositely rotating upper/lower jaw's.
    • shit we can't do.
  31. Hadrosaur's had what on their stupid heads?
    a big fucking thing forrrr

    • -making noise
    • -vocal displays
    • -mating calls
    • -looks cool
    • -called a crown
  32. Hadrosaur's crown was
    • intimidating
    • sexuallly apealing to those perv dino's
    • maybe hit shit with it?
  33. Saurapoda are big? or small?
    Both !
  34. Saurapoda are members of ;
    Saurischia, obviosly
  35. Saurischia were named in the year,
    1887 by H. G . Seely
  36. A few features of Saurischia are:
    Subnarial foramen - opening beneath nostril area

    Elongation of neck, (vertebrate elongation too.) (they had long fucking necks)

    Increased articulation beetweeen vertabrate.

    Pointy shit on it's Astragulos ( ankle)

    Lizard hIp !
  37. Astragulos means
  38. Saurischia dinosaurs have which kind of hip?
  39. Sauropodomorpha are considered what among dinosaurs?
  40. Sauropod's were successful and live for
    160 mil years yo !
  41. Plateosaurus saurapods were cool because?
    • -Bipedal
    • -Solid looking thumb claw
    • -Herd living
  42. Prosauropod skulls had these characteristics;
    • Small
    • No dental batteries
    • Shitty wall of teeth in front of mouth
  43. Prosauropod's were what phylogeny
    The basel group of sauropods obviosly
  44. Sauropod initial discoveries;
    • AFRICA!
    • Tanzania in 1907
    • Huge fucking excavation etc, slaves and what not
  45. In Tanzania which dinosaurs were found:
    • Sauropod's obviosly, but
    • Bracheosaurus + Borosaurus
  46. Upper Jurrassic Morison Formation in the sates had which dino's discovered there?
    • Seismosauros
    • Supersaurus
    • Ultrasaurus
    • Dystylsaurus

    The biggest motherfuckers to walk this earth. Besides will bland
  47. Diplodocus dinosaurs tails are
    Long , skinny, and act as a whip
  48. Diplodocus dinosaurs teeth are
    pencil teeth in the front
  49. The skull of a diplodocus dinosaur is similar to that of which animal?
    Giraffe, it's long and narrow.
  50. Camanasaurus's skull is
    Short , Stubby..
  51. Saurapod fossil distribution is strong or weak?
  52. Saurapod's lived from and to ?
    Late triassic to end of cretatceous..

    A long ass time.
  53. What's unique about Saurapod's fossil distribution?
    The head + tail + feet are sometimes missing.
  54. Saurapod's liked to live near what ? What was there habitat like?

    it was questioned if they lived in the water, because there body was too heavy without the water's bouyance? but it's not true. They just lived near that shit.
  55. Saurapod's migrated?
    Yeah , they did. The western interior was seasonaly dry so saurapods' migrated together or DIED.
  56. What's different about the saurapod's hearT?
    • Shits' huge.
    • 400kg, Blood pressure high around 600.
  57. What's a saurapod's posture like?
  58. Who's the dinosaur that hits shit with its head?

    • • Pachy – thick
    • Kephale – head
    • Saurus – lizard
  59. Where was patchy discoevered?
    Large number of specimens from • China • Mongolia
  60. Shit about patchy
    how long
    how thick's his head?
    it's mouth?
    • With solid dome, 20 cm thick
    • • Snout studded with large, densely packed bumps
    • • Animal 8 m long
  61. Patchy's location and number of species?
    North america only, over 12+ species
  62. Patchy's braincase is extending in back
    wut wut
  63. What does patchy / stygy eat?
    plants yooo
  64. Homalocephale is a version of patchy with a skull that is
  65. Stegoceras is a version of patchy with a skull that is
  66. Sexual dimorphism in patchy,
    males have bigger skull/thicker than females
  67. patchy's domes are sexy to tha ladys
    wut wut
  68. Therapoda are found where ?
    Every continent
  69. Where is a therapoda's body in relation to it's hip?
    THe body is directly over the hip giving it strong bipedal locomotion
  70. What animal is the therapoda rumored to be related to ?
  71. Mammels only 20% of air makes it to the lungs
    birds 40% air makes it into lungs
    • giraffe's neck is max length
    • saurapoda dino's > giraffe's
  72. What's the basal sauropoda ? and is he bipodal or quadropodal
    Prosauropoda , and he's a bipodal small peice of shit
  73. saurapodal dudes are from where
    china but then north america and they're quadro's
  74. Saurapoda's trackways are like what?
    • Huge , Narrow
    • horseshoe shaped
    • heel pad
    • rare tail dragging marks
  75. Theropoda technically means what?
    • "Thero" - Beast
    • "Poda" - Foot
  76. What time zones were therapoda in?
    Triassic -> Cretaceous
  77. Where were therapoda found?
    Every continent
  78. Therapoda are what stance
  79. Therapoda eat what?
    Humans !
  80. Who discovered therapoda?
    Richard Owen, discovered the megalosaurus, and all dino's !
  81. Huxley first suspected what in relation to therapoda?
    they're like birds yo!
  82. Troodon
    Smart, huge skull space! nerdy bitch
  83. Coelophysis is what type of dino?
    • therapoda
    • best predator
  84. Coelophysis random facts?
    • 3m long
    • agile
    • like a velocoraptor from jurassic park
  85. Albertasaurus is frmo where?
  86. Tyranasaurus is from where?
    North America
  87. Velocoraptors are ?
  88. Deinonychus did what?
    Jumped on shit with their claws, dangerous motherfuckers.
  89. that ugly t-rex version with horny shit on its head developd in its own lineage in gondwananland
    called ______

    wut wut
  90. Tetanus ?
    Stiff tail
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