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  1. Hormone produced by G cells in antrum
  2. Stimulants of gastrin secretion (6)
    Amino acids, vagal input(Ach), calcium, ETOH, antral distension, pH>3.0
  3. Inhibitors of gastrin secretion (6)
    pH<3.0, somatostatin, secretin, CCK, VIP, gastric inhibitory peptide
  4. cells affected by gastrin (2)
    parietal cells, chief cells
  5. effects of gastrin secretion (3)
    HCl release, intrinsic factor release, pepsinogen secretion
  6. Hormone produced by D cells in antrum
  7. Stimulants of somatostatin secretion (1)
    Acid in duodenum
  8. Effects of somatostatin secretion
    Inhibition of gastrin, HCl, insulin, glucagon, secretin, GIP, motilin, neurotensin, enteroglucagon, decreased pancreatic fistula output
  9. Hormone produced by K cells in duodenum
    Gastric inhibitory peptide
  10. Stimulants of gastric inhibitory peptide secretion (4)
    Amino acids, glucose, long-chain fatty acids, dec pH
  11. Cells affected by GIP
    Parietal cells of stomach, beta cells of pancreas
  12. Effects of GIP secretion (3)
    Decreased HCl and pepsin, increased insulin release
  13. Hormone produced by I cells of duodenum and jejunum
  14. Stimulants of CCK production (2)
    Amino acids, fatty acid chains
  15. Effects of CCK secretion (4)
    GB contraction, sphincter of Oddi relaxation, pancreatic enzyme secretion, increased intestinal motility
  16. Hormone produced by S cells of duodenum
    S cells
  17. Stimulants of secretin secretion (3)
    Fat, bile, pH<4.0
  18. Inhibitors of secretin secretion (2)
    pH>4.0, gastrin
  19. effects of secretin stimulation
    pancreatic HCO3 release, inc bile flow, inhibition of gastrin and HCl release
  20. hormone produced by cells in gut and pancreas
    vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP)
  21. stimulants of VIP secretion (2)
    fat, Ach
  22. effects of VIP secretion (3)
    increased intestinal secretion of water and electrolytes, increased motility, inhibition of gastrin
  23. hormone released by beta cells of pancreas
  24. stimulants of insulin secretion (3)
    glucose, glucagons, CCK
  25. inhibitors of insulin secretion (2)
    somatostatin, pancreatostatin
  26. effects of insulin (2)
    cellular glucose uptake, protein synthesis
  27. hormone released by alpha cells of the pancreas
  28. stimulants of glucagon secretion (4)
    dec glucose, inc amino acids, inc Ach, inc gastrin-releasing peptide
  29. inhibitors of glucagon secretion
    high glucose, high insulin, somatostatin
  30. effects of glucagon (2 main categories, 10 total)
    (getting glucose back into circulation) glycogenolysis, gluconeogenesis, lipolysis, ketogenesis, (decreased GI motility) dec gastric acid secretion, dec pancreatic secretion, dec intestinal motility, dec stomach motility, inc LES pressure, dec MMCs
  31. hormone secreted by islet cells in pancreas
    pancreatic polypeptide
  32. stimulants of pancreatic polypeptide (2)
    food, vagal stimulation
  33. effect of pancreatic polypeptide (2)
    decreased pancreatic and GB secretion
  34. hormone secreted by intestinal cells of gut
  35. stimulants of motilin secretion (4)
    duodenal acid, food, vagal input, gastrin-releasing peptide
  36. inhibitors of motilin (4)
    somatostatin, secretin, pancreatic polypeptide, duodenal fat
  37. effect of motilin
    increased motility
  38. receptor that erythromycin acts upon to cause increase in gut motility
  39. effect of bombesin (aka gastrin releasing peptide)
    increased intestinal motor activity, increase pancreatic enzyme secretion, increase gastric acid secretion
  40. hormone released from terminal ileum following a fatty meal
    Peptide YY
  41. Effect of peptide YY
    Inhibition of acid secretion and stomach contraction, inhibitor of GB contraction and pancreatic secretion
  42. Recovery time of small bowel postop
    24 hours
  43. recovery time of stomach postop
    48 hours
  44. recovery time of colon
    3-5 days
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