1. longissimus
    • o: common tendon
    • o: transverse processes of upper five thoracic vertebrae

    • a: extension of the vertebral column
    • a: lateral flexion

    • i: lower nine rivas and transeverse processes of thoracic vertbrae
    • i: transverse processes of cervical vertebrae
    • I: mastoid process of the temporal bone
  2. spinalis
    • O: spinous process of the upper lumber and lower thoracic vertebrae
    • O: ligamentum nuchae
    • O: spinous process of C7

    • A: extension of the vertebral column
    • A: lateral flexion

    • I: spinous processes o upper thoracic vertebrae
    • I: spinous processes of the cervical vertebrae except C1
  3. internal obliques
    • o: lateral inguinal ligament
    • O iliac crest
    • o: thoracolumber fascia

    • a: flexion of the trunk (bilateral)
    • a: lateral flexion and rotation to the same side

    • i: cartilage of the bottom 3 ribs
    • i: abdominal aponeurosis to linea alba
  4. diaphragm
    • o: lumbar section: vertebral bodies of L1-L3
    • O costal section: inner surface of lower six ribs
    • o: sternal section: inner part of xiphoid process

    a: draws central tendon downward

    i: central tendon of the diaphragm
  5. iliopsoas
    • o: psoas: lumbar vertebrae
    • o: iliacus: inner surface of the ilium

    • a: flexion of the hip
    • a: lateral flexion of the vertebral column when leg is fixed
    • a: assists with abduction
    • a: assists with lateral rotation of the hip

    i: lesser trochanter of the femur
  6. quadratus lumborum
    • o: posteror iliac crest
    • o: iliolumbar ligament

    • a: unilaterally elvates the hip
    • a: unilaterally laterally flexes the vertebral column
    • a: unilaterally assists to extend the vertebral column
    • a: bilaterally fixes the last rib during respiration

    • i: 12th rib
    • i: transverse process of L1-L4
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