1. Rumford Fair Housing Act 1963
    prohibits restrictions on housing (red-lining, real estate bias, boards, loan restrictions, etc.), brought about prop 14
  2. "mini"-HUACs
    mini-House Un-American Committee: Tenney Committee 1949 - Tenney kicked off much like McCarthy (for thinking higher-ups were communist). Loyalty oaths required from government employees, teachers, and UC professors which sparked debate over "academic freedom"
  3. California "living"
    a leisurely, self-indulgent lifestyle. beach/surf culture. single-family (and story) suburban homes. farmlands turned into suburban tract homes.
  4. Collier-Burns Act 1947
    12,500 miles of highways. helped to move whites out of the inner-city and to suburbs which makes industry follow suit.
  5. The Military Industrial Complex.
    World War II industries of CA turn into Cold War research and defense industries. aircraft -> aerospace. uni research on nuclear and technology industries. 25% of national defense budget.
  6. Kaiser Model
    made sure workers were happy to ensure a productive workforce. kept this by providing good benefits, union cooperation. assemble line construction.
  7. Bracero Program
    labor contract with Mexico -- imported Mexicans to work agricultural fields while Americans waged WWII.
  8. Mendez v. Westminster 1947
    first school segregation case in CA. Fought to allow Mexicans into the better all white schools. brought attention to unequal state of segregated school systems.
  9. "No-No" Boys.
    Japanese answers to the loyalty questions. There were consequences to saying no to them from family members, themselves, and the government.
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