chem finale

  1. what is matter
    any thing that has mass and takes up space
  2. what is mass
    amount of matter an object contains
  3. substance is?
    something that contains only one kind of matter
  4. what is a physical property
    cother solubility odor hardness density melting point boiling point
  5. what is a solid
    sometthing that has a definite shape and volume
  6. what is a liquid
    form of mather that flows has a fixed volume and takes shape of its container
  7. what is gass
    takes both shape and volume of container
  8. what is vapor
    the gaseous state of a substance that is normaly solid or liquid at room temp
  9. what is a mixture
    a physical blend of two or more substances
  10. what is heterogeneous mixture?
    one that is not uniforn in composition
  11. what is homogeneous mixture?
    is completly uniform in composition
  12. what is a compound?
    a substance that can be seperated into simpler substances only by chemical means
  13. what is a chemical reation
    one or more substance chanves into a new substance
  14. what is a reactant?
    starting substance
  15. what is a product?
    substances formed by reactants
  16. what is a qualitative measurment?
    gives results in a descriptive nonnumerical form
  17. what is a quantitative measurement?
    gives results in a definite form usualy numbers
  18. what is accuracy?
    a measurement of how close a measurement comes to the actual or true value of what ever is measured
  19. what is percision?
    a measure in how close a series of measurements are to one another
  20. what is a error
    the difference between the accepted calue and the experimental
  21. what is a percent error?
    is the absolute value of the error divided byt the accepted valure multiplied by 100%
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