Greek Myth: Jason

  1. What happened with Athamis, Nephele, Phrixus, Helle and Ino
    • - Athamis (king of Orchomenos (Boeotia), descendent of Aeolus).
    • - Nephele is his first wife - bears him Phrixus (boy) and Helle (girl)
    • - Then he gets bored, takes on a second wife Ino (nurse to Dionysus) - bears him two sons
    • - Ino is jealous of Phrixus because he will inherit the throne, not her kids
    • - She tells the local women to fuck with the planting of the grain --> nothing growing, appears to be a famine.
    • - Athamis sends a messenger to an oracle, Ino intercepts and bribes him to say that he must sacrifice his first son.
    • - Athamis brings Phrixus up to rock, but then a golden ram appears (like bible)
    • - Phrixus and Helle hop on, never to be seen again
  2. Where does Phrixus land? What does he do when he gets there?
    • - Helle loses her grip halfway through, falls to her death in the sea now called the Hellespont
    • - Ram flies to Colchis on the edge of the Black Sea where tyrant Aeetes is ruling.
    • - Phrixus sacrifices the ram to Zeus, then gives the fleece to Aeetes, who hangs it on a tree in the garden of Ares.
    • - Phrixus gets one of Aeetes' daughters as a reward
  3. Jason and Pelias

    - who is ruling Iolcus
    - Who is Pelias
    - Who is Aeson
    - Birth of Jason, where does he go?
    - oracle
    - Jason's return to Iolcus --> quest for the Golden Fleece
    • - Pelias, son of Tyro (Jason's grandmother) is arrogant and intollerable - wants power over Thessaly.
    • - Pelias keeps Aeson (his half brother and supposedly the rightful heir, imprisoned in the palace of Iolcus.
    • - Aeson's wife has a son, spreads rumor that he is stillborn b/c she is afraid for his life --> gives him to the centaur Chiron (names him Jason, raises him)
    • - oracle that man with one sandal will kill Pelias
    • - Jason coming back to Iolcus, stops at a river; there is an old woman (Hera- who hates Pelias b/c he doesnt honor her - wants to destroy him through the sorceress Medea (daugher of Aeetes)) - loses his sandle in the riverbed
    • - Jason's kind act proves to her that he is the one capable of bringing Medea to Iolcus
    • - When Pelias learns that Jason is back, goes to him and asks him what he would do if he knew someone was going to kill him, and he had power over them. Jason replies, I would send him to go get the golden fleece. So he does
  4. The Argo and the Argonauts

    - who built the ship, help from?
    • - Argus (son of Phrixus) built the Argo - biggest ship in the world, can hold 50 people, help from Athena - put in a magical talking beam from Zeus' tree.
    • - Argonauts: send out a call to the best fighters of the day: Orpheus, Dioscuri (Castor and Polydeuces), Telamon (father of trojan war hero Ajax), and his brother Peleus (father of Achilles), Admetus (Heracles saved his wife Alcestis) and Augeas (Heracles cleaned his stables), and Heracles himself
  5. Destinations of the Argo:
    1. Lemnos
    2. Mysia (location not important) - loss of Heracles and Hylas
    3. Propontis
    • 1. Lemnos - Queen is Hipsipyle. The women had murdered all of the men because they had looked for entertainment in other women. The Argonauts repopulate the island
    • 2. Heracles breaks his oar, stop on Mysia to find a new branch; his boyfriend Hylas comes with him - nymphs pull Hylas into a pond. Heracles is looking for him, misses the boat
    • 3. Propontis - Phineus - abused the gift of prophecy from Apollo. Now the Harpies snatch away all of his food; leave him only a crumb, enough to stay alive. They kill the Harpies if Phineus will tell them the exact course of the Argo.
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