1. Openness to Experience
    intellectually curious and unconventional
  2. Agreeableness
    friendly and easy to get along with
  3. Conscientiousness
    careful and responsible
  4. Neuroticism
    tense and moody
  5. Extraversion
    social and lively
  6. Freud
    Most widely respected/ critized theorist
  7. Therapists
    interpert dreams, seek unconsciou motives and the interaction of structures of personality
  8. Id
    reservior of our most primitive impulses, including sex and aggression.
  9. Ego
    Psyche's executive and principal
  10. Superego
    our sense of morality.
  11. pleasure principle
    tendency of the id to strive for immediate gratification
  12. reality principle
    tendency of the ego to postpone gratification until it can find an appropriate outlet.
  13. repression
    motivated forgetting of emotionally threatening memories or impluses.
  14. sublimation
    transforming a socially unacceptable impluse into an admired goal.
  15. Oral Stage
    psycholsexual stage that focuses on the mouth
  16. Anal Stage
    Psychosexual stage that focuses on toliet training
  17. phallic stage
    psychosexual stage that focuses on the genitals
  18. Neo-Freudians
    people who are against freud.
  19. Neo-Freudians
    adler, Jung
  20. Behaviorists
    believe personality is controlled by genetic factors and contingencies
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