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  1. What part of the rib attaches to the sternum?
    The clavicles and the cartilages of the first 7 pairs of ribs.
  2. What part of the ribs attaches to the vertebrae?
  3. What is Costocartilage?
    A piece of cartilage that connects the anterior ribs to the sternum.
  4. What are the three things in the Costal Groove?
    • VAN
    • Veins
    • Arteries
    • Nerves
  5. What should you do to best demonstrate the below-diaphragm?
    • Have the patient RECUMBENT
    • Medium kV
  6. What should you do to best demonstrate the above-diaphragm ribs?
    • Take the radiograph ERECT
    • LOW kV
  7. On a Rib above diaphragm, do you use high or low kVp?
  8. If a patient hurts on the left front side (Anterior) what position would you use?
    • RAO
    • PA
  9. If a patient hurts on the Right side of the back what position do you perform?
    • Oblique-RPO
    • AP
  10. What two positions do you do for Sternum?
    • RAO
    • Lateral
  11. How many degrees do you oblique for the ribs?
    45 Degrees
  12. What breathing technique do you use for oblique sternum?
    • Short, shallow breaths
    • Low Kv
    • 2-3 secs
    • 40" SID
  13. What is a "Flail Chest"?
    Fracture of adjacent ribs in two or more places.
  14. Where do you position for an AP of the ribs BELOW the diaphragm?
    Midway between the xiphoid process and the lower rib cage.
  15. What is the difference between floating and false ribs?
    • False Ribs-They are connected to the costocartilage of the costocartilage
    • Floating Ribs-Are also false ribs but they are not connected anteriorly
  16. Where is the Jugular Notch located?
  17. Which way do you rotate the spine on oblique ribs that hurt?
    Away from the hurt side
  18. When do you take a image of the ribs and sternum at 72"?
    • Lateral sternum
    • Bilateral ribs
  19. Which positions best shows the Left or Right Sternoclavicular Joint?
    • A 10-15 degree rotation-Downside
    • An RAO will best demonstrate the RIGHT or Downside Joint
    • An LAO will best demonstrate the LEFT or Downside Joint
    • A 5-10 degree rotation-Opposite
    • The upside joint would be visualized next to the vertebral column
  20. What is the posterior end of a rib called?
    Vertebral end
  21. What is the anterior end of the rib called?
    Sternal End
  22. What part of the rib is most Superior?
    The Posterior or Vertebral End
  23. What part of the rib is most Inferior?
    The Anterior or Sternal End
  24. What articulates with the transverse process of a vertebra?
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