1. Dominant and Recessive traits
    • characteristacs: Seed color (yellow or green), Seed Shape ( smooth or rough) and Flower color ( white, red or pink)
    • Such caracterisc variations are known as traits
    • Each variation is either 'dominant' or "recessive"
    • Recessive trait: is as one that tends to remain hidden in certain generations of pea plants
    • Dominant trait: a trait that tends to appear in those same generations

  2. Phenotype
    • is a physiological feature, bodily characteristics, or behavior of an organism ( forma katoruyu vidno)

  3. Genotype

    • the genetic make-up of an organism
    • A genotype of "YY" results in phenotype of yellow seeds
    • A genotype of "yy" resluts in phenotpye of green seeds

  4. Parental Generation (P)

    • Plants from pure line
    • Pure line: is a population that breeds true for (show now variations in) the particular character being studied. ex. only purple flowers.

  5. F1 Generation

    • the offspring of the parental generation
    • although these seeds were developing withing the pods of the parental generation, they represented the new generation - the F1 gen.

  6. F2 Generation

    F1 generation(pees in the P generation) where planted and let grow from them. Then, this plants were allowed to self polinate and fertilized and develope F2 Generations that developed yellow seeds and green seeds

  7. allele

    • alternative forms of a single gene
    • ex. 1 gene for seed color came in pairs (2 alleles) - one of which coded for yellow seeds, the other for green seeds.
    • These alleles resided on separate homologous chromosomes

  8. Law of Segretation

    • Differing characters in organisms result from two genetic elements (allels) that separate in gamete formation, such that each gamete gets only one of the two alleles. - seperation of homologous chromosomes during meiosis
    • or from notes - pair sof alleles separate during gamete formation. The fusion of gamets at fertilization creates allele pairs again.
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