1. A que horas vamos a jugar hoy?
    What time are we playing today?
  2. A que horas vamos a correr?
    What time are we running?
  3. Ya le hablaste a antonio?
    Did u alrady call Antonio?
  4. Como estuvo tu cita?
    How was ur date?
  5. entonces......que paso con eso
    So..... then what happned with that thing?
  6. Me hechas la mano con mi tarea?
    Could u help me with my hw?
  7. Me preguntaba si quieres cocinar hoy?
    I was wondering if u wanna cook today
  8. dude, mi clase es bien chafa
    dude, my class sucks
  9. ya se...ya se manejo bien feo/mal
    i know i know i suck at driving
  10. Me quieres acompanar a la tienda?
    Do u wanna come with me to the store?
  11. Como sigue tu mama?
    How is ur mom doing?
  12. No tengo nada que hacer. Quieres hacer algo?
    i dont hav anything to do. Do u wanna do something?
  13. Quieres salir?
    Do u wanna hang out?
  14. Quieres ir por cena?
    Do u wanna go for dinner?
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