Fundamentals DNI Final

  1. What is the definition of "Nursing Process"?
    An organized sequence of problem-solving steps used to identify and manage the health problems of clients
  2. Objective Vs. Subjective
    An object can be measured

    Spoken by the subject
  3. What are the 5 steps to the nursing process?
    • Assessment
    • Diagnosis
    • Planning
    • Implementation
    • Evaluation
    • "If you have a problem, just ADD PIE."
  4. The 7 characteristics of the nursing process
    • Within the LEGAL SCOPE of nursing
    • Based on KNOWLEDGE
    • Planned
    • Client centered
    • Goal directed
    • Prioritized
    • Dynamic
  5. What are the 5 steps to Maslow's heirarchy of needs?
    • 1. Physiologic needs (breathing...)
    • 2. Safety and security
    • 3. Love and belonging
    • 4. Esteem and self-esteem
    • 5. Self-actualization
  6. What are some Nursing Diagnosis examples of Physiologic human needs?

    • Imbalanced Nutrition: Less than body requirements
    • Ineffective brathing pattern
    • Pain
    • Impaired swallowing
    • Urinary retention
  7. What are some Nursing Diagnosis examples of human safety and security needs?

    • Risk for injury
    • Impaired verbal communication
    • Disturbed thought processes
    • Anxiety
    • Fear
  8. What are some Nursing Diagnosis examples of love and belonging needs?

    • Social isolation
    • Impaired social interactions
    • Interrupted family processes
    • Parental role conflict
  9. What are some Nursing Diagnosis examples of esteem and self-esteem needs?

    • Disturbed body image
    • Powerlessness
    • Care-giver role strain
    • Ineffective breast feeding
  10. What are some Nursing Diagnosis examples of self-actualization needs?

    • Delayed growth and development
    • Spirtitual distress
  11. Define Short-term goal
    outcomes achievable in a few days to 1 week
  12. Define long-term goal
    Desireable outcomes that take weeks or months to accomplish (30-90 days)
  13. What are the characteristics of short-term goals?

    • Client centered
    • Measureable
    • Realistic
    • Accompanied by a target date
  14. What are nursing interventions?
    measures that the client and the nurse will use to accomplish identified goals
  15. Who are collaborative goals between?
    Nurse and Dr.
  16. Define intentional torts?
    lawsuits in which a plaintiff charges that a defendent commited a deliberately aggressive act
  17. What are some examples of intentional torts?

    • Assault
    • Battery
    • False imprisonment
    • Invasion of privacy
    • Defamation
  18. Define assault
    an act in which bodily harm is threatened or attempted
  19. Define battery
    any unauthorized physical contact; can include touching a persons body, clothing, CHAIR OR BED
  20. What is the criteria neccessary for battery?
    Contact happened without the plaintiff's consent
  21. Define false-imprisonment
    interference with a persons freedom to move about at will without legal authority to do so
  22. Define restraints
    devices or chemicals that restrict movement
  23. Define invasion of privacy
    failure to leave people and their property alone
  24. Define defamation
    an act in which untrue information harms a person's reputation
  25. Define slander
    character attack, uttered orally in the presence of others
  26. Define Libel
    Damaging statements written and read by others
  27. Define living will
    what is put into writting that the person wants to have happen to them in case something happens to them
  28. What are 2 types of an advance directives?
    • Living will
    • Power of attorney
  29. Define these 3 types of illnesses:

    Choronic: long-term and develops gradually

    Acute: short-term and SERVERE

    Terminal: walking dead
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