plant biology

  1. what is superior ovary?
    sits on top of the receptical
  2. what is inferior ovary?
    sits below the receptical
  3. what is radial symmetry of a flower?
    star fish same all the way around
  4. what is bilateral symmetry of a flower?
    same on right and left (symetric) plain of semitry
  5. what is irregular symmetry?
    not the same
  6. what is a complete flower?
    has all it's parts stemens, petals, sepals, and a pistal
  7. what is an incomplete flower?
    missing one or more of it's parts
  8. what is a monocot flower?
    multipules of 3 petals
  9. what is a dicot flower?
    multipules of 4 or 5 petals
  10. what is a perfect flower?
    has male and female parts
  11. what is an imperfect flower?
    missing one or the other not both
  12. monoecious?
    "one house" male and female flowers on the same plant
  13. dioecious?
    "two houses" male and female flowers on separate plants
  14. what are the sterile parts of a flower structure?
    1. peduncle 2. sepals 3. and petals
  15. what are the fertile parts of a flower structure?
    1. stamens "male parts" 2. pistil "female parts"
  16. what are the two parts of the stamens?
    filaments and anther
  17. what are the three parts of a pistil (carpel)?
    1. stigma 2. style 3. ovary
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