Plant Biology

  1. how does water move up the xlem from the roots to the leaves of plants?
    by transpiration pulls water up from the roots by negative pressure created from water evaporating from the stomata leaves.
  2. How does transpiration work?
    because of cohesion tension, this is a special property of water molecules.
  3. How do water molecules stick together?
    By H- bonding
  4. In the balsam example why didn't the flowers show blending of colors?
    because vascular bundles do not blend.
  5. In the carrot example the water moves up the glass tube inserted into the xylem of the carrot by the process of ?
  6. What is osmosis?
    it is the diffusion of water, in diffusion water moves from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
  7. What is know as the vascular cambium of the stem?
    the undifferentiated cells that divide to form new xylem to the inside and new phloem to the outside of the stem.
  8. what is the study and dating of tree rings know as?
  9. what two things can affect the width of rings in woody stems?
    rainfall and temperture
  10. What other events affect the width of rings?
    desease, rainfall, fire drought, insects, and mechanical damage
  11. How much water is transpired in a eucalyptus tree?
    it looses 400 gal. per day
  12. what are the three different types of movement?
    1. tropism 2. nondirectional responses 3. nutational movement
  13. what is phototropism?
    movement in response to light
  14. what is geotropis (or gravitropism)?
    movement in response to gravity
  15. What is thigmotropism?
    response to touch or contact (as in a tendril around a support)
  16. What is positive tropism?
    movement towards a stimulis
  17. what is negative tropism?
    movement away from a stimulis
  18. what are the three different tropism?
    1. phototropism 2. geotropism (gravitropism) 3. thigmotropism (negative and posititve)
  19. what is nutational movement?
    does not require an external stimulus, it moves circumnutation cirrcular or spiral movement overtime by plants
  20. What is turgor?
    when water pressure causes changes within cells causeing movement such as a venus fly trap closing or a flower opening and closing each day.
  21. within plants xylem tissues move water, and phloem tissues move sugars created by the process of what?
    photosythisis in the chloroplants
  22. carbon dioxide gas from the atmoshere plus water transported up from the roots through the xylem and needed is called what?
  23. what gas is released as a byproduct?
  24. plants which lack xylem and phloem are know as?
    non-vascular plants.....example:algee, mosses, and liverworts
  25. in herbaceous stems, vascular tissue is arranged in?
    vascular bundles
  26. Wood =?
    secondary xylem
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