Energy 274

  1. AC Power
    Resistive circuit
    Current is in phase with coltage
    All real power
  2. AC Power
    Inductive circuit
    current lags voltage by 90 degrees
    no real power
  3. AC Power
    capacitive circuit
    current leads voltage by 90 degrees
    no real power
  4. The majority of loads out in the business and home place are inductive loads.
  5. power is the power that is dissipated by the resistive element of the circuit. It is found by applying the Power Law to the current and voltage that is found in the resistive part of the circuit.
    True Power
  6. The unit of true power is...
  7. The power in a circuit could be found by applying the power law to the voltage and current in a reactive element in the circuit.
    Reactive power
  8. cosine of angle between true power and apparent power is the
    power factor
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