1. The 21 leadership competencies are grouped into the three categories of?
    • Leading self
    • Leading others
    • Leading performance and change
  2. When standards of conduct come into question, your limitations and responsibilities fall into three distinct areas:
    • Extra military instruction (EMI)
    • Withholding of privileges
    • Search and seizure
  3. True/False
    EMI may be assigned only if it is genuinly intended to accomplish specific task improvement.
  4. True/False
    EMI can be used as a substitute for judicial or nonjudicial punishment.
  5. How long should EMI be daily?
    2 hours or less.
  6. Can EMI be on a members sabbath?
  7. Who's permission do you ned to assign EMI after normal working hours?
  8. Searches and the subsequent seizure of items can be conducted under two different circumstances:
    When probable cause exists

    When probable cause is not required
  9. Who can conduct a probable cause search?
    • Performing MPs
    • Guards
    • Shore patrols or investigative duties
  10. Which manual covers policy, procedures requirements?
    COMDTINST M1000.6 CHAPT 5 Section C
  11. Who is responsible for assisting their people to understand the enlisted advancement system?
  12. Who ensures all information on the enlisted advancement process is available to members at their commands?
    Commanding Officers
  13. Who is responsible for the overall administration of the enlisted advancement system?
    Personnel Command
  14. Which form is used to add narrative explanations to other evaluation forms?
  15. Who is responsible for monitoring the administrative procedures of subordinate commands to ensure compliance with requirements of the enlisted advancement system?
    Area, District, and MLC
  16. Who is responsible for the preperation, printing, distribution, accountability, and scoring of the servicewide examinations?
    Personnel Service Center (PSC)
  17. What are the requirements for advancement?
    • General
    • Special
    • Waivers
    • Circumstances that prevent advancement
  18. How long do you have to be in a pay grade before being eligible for the next in pay grades E6-E9?
    2 years
  19. Members advanced to __ after 01Jan99 must successfully complete either CP CPO academy or DOD senior enlisted academy in order to compete on the __ servicewide exam.
    • E7
    • E8
  20. BMCs must be currently certified and qualified to _____________________, _____________ to compete for E8/E9.
    Command Afloat and Ashore, or be a surfman
  21. What is it called when a member is promoted to the next rank due to necesities of the CG but is not paid as such until actual promotion date?
  22. What are the 3 goals of the CG Substace Abuse Prevention Program?
    • Reduce the incidence
    • Detect and seperate
    • Facilitate rehab
  23. Who is responsible in administering the CG substance abuse prevention program?
    Command Drug and Alcohol Reps (CDAR)
  24. What constitute an alcohol incident?
    Results in the members loss of ability to perform assigned duties

    Brings discredit to the services

    Violation of the UCMJ or state laws
  25. A member involved in an alcohol incident is screened the _____ time it occurs.
  26. When is a member processed for seperation in relation to an alcohol incident?
    3rd incident
  27. Who is expected to actively support the commandants sexual harassment policy?
    All personnel
  28. Where does it state that a commanding officer shall prohibit hazing?
    COMDTINST M5000.3 4-1-15
  29. COMDTINST M5350.4
    Coast Guard Equal Oppurtunity Program Manual
  30. True/False
    All units with 50 or more billets should have human relations council (HRC).
  31. Members transferred from ready reserve due to tempory disability are
    Active status list, Standy Reserve
  32. Reserve member designated as essential to initial contingency requirements
    Selected Reserve (SELRES)
  33. Retired reserve member with 20 years of serve and a 45% disability
    Disability Retiree
  34. Reserve member 62 years of age and recieving retired pay
    RET 1
  35. Trained member previously served in AD
    Individual ready reserve (IRR)
  36. Member with at least 20 years of service with 20% disability
    Inactive status list
  37. Reserve member under 60 years of age with qualifying years for retired pay
  38. Pubs listed in DPRI (Directives, Pubs and report index) are listed in what order?
    alphabetic and numerically
  39. How many chaps are in the DPRI?
  40. If unable to find a particular pub from the DPRI website you should?
    Locate a sponsor from Chapt 2 or 3 of the DPRI
  41. If your SDL symbol is not authorized for distribution, prepare a __________.
    GS Form 5323
  42. ORM order
    • Define mission tasks
    • Identify the hazards
    • Asses risks
    • Identify options
    • Evaluates risks vs gain
    • Execute decisions
    • Monitor situation
  43. M5100.47
    Safety Manual
  44. Two main purposes of mishaps reports
    Initiate Corrective action and improve CG op readiness
  45. Most serious or costly and warrent a formal mishap analysis board and how much
    • Class A mishaps
    • $1,000,000.00
  46. Sufficiently serious to also warrent formal mishap analysis board action and how much
    • Class B
    • $200,000.00-1,000,000.00
  47. Less serious and do not warrent formal mishap analysis
    Class C 20,000-200,000

    • Class D less than 1,000
    • 20,000 for aviation units
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