LO4 - CH5 Review Questions

  1. The OSI reference model divides networking activity into how many layers?
  2. The addition of information to a PDU as it’s passed from one layer to the next is called which of the following?
  3. Layers that act as though they communicate directly with each other across the network are called which of the following?
  4. Write the corresponding number for each of the following OSI layers (for example, 7 is the top layer, and 1 is the bottom layer).
    • a. 6
    • b. 2
    • c. 5
    • d. 1
  5. The _________________ layer handles the creation of frames.
    Data Link
  6. Which layer handles flow control, data segmentation, and error recovery?
  7. The ________________ layer governs how a NIC must be attached to the network medium.
  8. Which layer determines the route a packet takes from sender to receiver?
  9. The ______________ layer handles converting data from platform-specific application formats to a generic, network-ready representation (and vice versa).
  10. Which layer is responsible for setting up, maintaining, and ending ongoing information exchanges across a network?
    c. Session
  11. The ______________ layer handles segmentation of large amounts of data for transmission and reassembly of segmented data on receipt.
  12. Which of the following elements might occur within a frame? (Choose all that apply.)
    • a. physical addresses
    • c. data
    • d. CRC
  13. CRC is an acronym for which of the following?
    b. Cyclical Redundancy Check
  14. How many times is a CRC calculated?
    c. twice; once before transmission and again on receipt
  15. Of the following Project 802 specifications, which belongs at the LLC sublayer?
    b. 802.2
  16. Which layer of the OSI reference model does Project 802 divide into two sublayers
    b. Data Link
  17. What are the names of the two sublayers specified as part of Project 802? (Choose two answers.)
    • b. Logical Link Control (LLC)
    • d. Media Access Control (MAC)
  18. Which term refers to stripping header information as a PDU is passed from one layer to a higher layer?
    a. decapsulation
  19. Which IEEE 802 standard applies to Ethernet?
    b. 802.3
  20. Which IEEE 802 standard applies to token ring?
    d. 802.5
  21. Which IEEE 802 standard applies wireless PANs?
    d. 802.15
  22. Which IEEE 802 standard applies to wireless LANs?
    e. 802.11
  23. What is the name of the PDU at the Transport layer?
    c. segment
  24. Which of the following definitions best describes a redirector?
    c. a software service that handles resource requests, passes on local requests for local service, and redirects network access requests to the correct network server or service
  25. Which of the following is an example of software found at the Application layer? Choose all that apply.)
    • a. FTP
    • c. HTTP
  26. At which Data Link sublayer does the network address burned into every NIC reside?
    a. Media Access Control (MAC)
  27. Which of the following problems can occur at the Physical layer? (Choose all that apply.)
    c. signal errors caused by noise
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LO4 - CH5 Review Questions
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