Greek Myth: People

  1. Cecrops
    • - 1st king of Athens
    • - autochthonous
  2. Pirithous
    Theseus' friend

    They go to the underworld together to get Persephone for Pirithous to marry.

    End up getting stuck there
  3. Medea
    • powerful sorceress
    • convinces Aegeus that Theseus is not his real son
    • tries to poison Theseus
  4. Cephalus and Procris
    Cephalus (in ovid's roman version - all three daughters of Cecrops survive). He is the son of Herse and Mars/Hermes

    marries procris; he tricks her into agreeing to sleep with someone else; she runs to Minos (crete) cures his scorpion / spider cum. gives her gifts, she uses them to trick her husband in the same way --> they are fine now

    then she spies on him to see if he is cheating with dawn, runs to him, he sees a wild animal --> kills her
  5. Actaeon
    eaten by his own hounds b/c he accidentally sees Artemis bathing
  6. Pandion, Philomena, Procne, Tereus, and Itys
    • - Pandion - king of Athens after Erichthonius. 2 daughters Procne and Philomena.
    • - Tereus (king of thrace) - marries Procne, but then kidnaps and rapes Philomena
    • - they get revenge by cutting up Itys (procne's son) and serving him to Tereus
  7. Erichthonius
    • - Early king of Athens, succeed Cecrops
    • - born when Hephaestus jizzes on Athena's leg, she wipes it off and drops on ground
    • - half man half snake
  8. Themistocles - not really important
    • - Athenian king that made Athens the great naval power of the world - spend all money on great fleet which defeated the Persians
    • - end of Golden age
  9. Erechtheus - not that important? --> Cecrops (2), Pandion (2) --> Pallas and Aegeus
    • Erechtheus - king after Pandion 1. Brother of Procne and Philomena
    • - has kids second Pandion (king of Athens) and second Cecrops (king of Megara)

    - second Pandion has twins Pallas and Aegeus
  10. Aglaurus, Herse, Pandrosus - important-ish?
    • - daughters of Cecrops
    • - given baby Erichthonius in basket, told not to look inside --> only P. obeys, the other two fall ot their death
    • - another version, they all survive, Herse sleeps with Mars/Hermes (roman version) -> pandion?
  11. Pisistrautus / Cimon
    - popularized the myths of theseus for their own political means
  12. Electryon, Alcmena, Amphytrion
    Electryon - king of Mycenae, son of Perseus. 9 sons, one daughter - Alcmena. *8 of nine sons killed by pirates, Electryon is going to avenge, leave kingdom and daughter to nephew Amphytrion. But A. kills him before he can leave

    A goes to avenge uncle and cousins, sleeps with Alcmena when he comes back --> kind of father to Heracles
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