Science Solar System

  1. axis
    • a real or imaginary line that a spinning object turns around
    • (ex. Earth's north and south pole)
  2. waning
    when the part of the Moon you see gets smaller (slowly goes away)
  3. simulate
    to show or compare one thing to another
  4. rotate
    to spin in place (ex. earth takes 24 hours to cause day and night)
  5. ellipse
    a flattend circle shape (ex. the orbit of Earth)
  6. crater
    a hollow area, or pit, in the ground
  7. orbit
    the path a revolving object moves along
  8. revolve
    the move in a circular or nearly circular path
  9. phases
    different shapes of the Moon
  10. waxing
    when the part of the Moon you see grows larger (gets shinier like when you wax a car)
  11. star
    a hot, glowing sphere of gases that gives off energy
  12. asteroid belt
    an area between the inner and outer planets
  13. solar system
    made up of the sun, 8 planets, moons, and other objects in space
  14. satellite
    an object that moves in orbit around another, larger object

    (God-made = moons Man-made = metal ones)
  15. asteroid
    chunks of rock or metal that orbit the sun
  16. constellation
    a pattern or picture outlined by stars; used by farmers for planting and sailors for direction
  17. comet
    mostly chunks of ice mixed with bits of rock and dust; tails are formed as the sun melts part of it (ex. Halley's)
  18. meteor
    small pieces of ice, rock or metal that have broken off colliding comets or asteroids
  19. meteorite
    a meteor that gets through Earth's atmosphere
  20. planet
    sphere shaped satellites of the sun; they cannot make their own light
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