1. Constituency
    The body of citizens elible to vote in the incumbent's state or district
  2. Pork-barrel Project
    (Legislation) that funds a speical project for a particular local, such as a new highway or hospital
  3. Veto
    A bill that can be written by congress by 2/3 vote of each chamber & become a law w/out pres. signature
  4. Standing Committees
    Most of the work in congress is (permanent) w/ responsibility for a particular area of public policy.
  5. Census
    Reapportionment which takes place every 10 yrs.
  6. Oversight Function
    Congress oversees & sometimes investigates executive action to see they carry out the laws faithfully & spends money properly
  7. Seniorty
    Most seniority is usually the committee chair person(Consecutive yrs of service)
  8. Lawmaking Function
    The authority in which congress makes laws to carry out powers granted to the national gov't
  9. Representing Function
    Congress represents the interests of constituents & the nation in its deliberations & its lawmaking
  10. Conference Committees
    Joint committees formed temporarily to work out differences in House & Senate versions of a particular bill
  11. Whig Theory
    Prevailing conception which held that the presidency was a limited or constrained office whose occupant was confined to the exercise of expressly granted constitutional authorityDetermines how the president will act
  12. Stewardship Theory
    Calls for an assertive presidency that is confined only at points specially prohibited by law
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