1. ivent is MRI compatible

  2. describe on the ivent can be adapted to function w/ a low pressure o2 source
    low pressure w/ low pressure system must be bleed in and adjust in ventilator

    -off site only
  3. describe the difference btwn adaptive flow and manual flow on the ivent and how you change btwn the two types of flow
    adaptive flow - varies flow to meet pt needs/ highlight the 2 to go back and forth

    manuel flow - set flow
  4. how can a user obtain a static comp reading on the ivent
    • menu
    • mechanics
  5. what modes are available on the ivent
    • ac vc/pc
    • simv vc/pc
    • bilevel
    • cpap w/ pc
    • stand by
  6. pink fan
    ps breath
  7. blue fan
    mand breath
  8. green fan
  9. green Z
    auto zero-ing sensor
  10. blue p
    vent purges circuit
  11. describe how to turn the sigh option on/off
    adv settings
  12. explain where a user could find the alarm settings
    • menu
    • alarm settings
  13. describe how to give a neb treatment via the ivent
    • adv setneb
    • attach tube to nipple
  14. where would a user find a log of old alarms &/or adjustments made
    log book on main menu
  15. how can a user obtain an auto peep reading on ivent
    menu mechanics
  16. describe how a user would display a pt's static comp and auto peep
    • menu
    • mechanics
    • settings
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