1. LTV vent is MRI compatible

  2. describe how the LTV can be adapted to function w/ a LOW pressure 02 source:
    run off of flow meter, e cylinder, and connect o2 w/ adapter xmas tree w/ flowmeter liquid oxy flow meter - low press o2 source must turned on once hooked up
  3. how can a user obtain a static compliance reading on the LTV
    • must be on VOL control
    • press ins hold &

    compliance, plaeteu & change in pressure will show
  4. what modes are available on the LTV
    • ac
    • simp
    • cpap
    • control & nppv
  5. describe how a user can hyper-oxy a pt with 100% for 2 min
    hold FIO2 for 3 sec
  6. how do u change from the simv mode to cpap mode on the ltv
    • select mode button to cpap
    • dec rr to (--)
  7. describe the steps necessary to adjust the rise time on the ltv
    • hold SELECT key
    • go under Vent ops
    • and change rise time
  8. can the ltv function in control mode? if so, how is this accomplished
    yes, control mode and max out sensitivity.

    ac mode & sensitivity in (--)
  9. how can a user obtain an auto peep reading on the ltv
    hold exp
  10. describe the steps necessary to set the high/low peep alarm
    • hold select button
    • alarm ops
    • high peep, change value then go to low peep
  11. descrive how to turn off/on ltv
    hold standby + silent
  12. describe how a user can change the duration of o2 flush from 2 minutes to 3 minutes
    • hold select
    • vent ops
    • o2 flush
  13. when using the ltv in the NPPV mode, u must use a non vented mask


    bc of the exhaled valve
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