history 7

  1. absolute monarch
    king or queen has all power within state
  2. divine right
    idea that god created monarchy, ruler is gods representative on earth
  3. palace at versaille
    • made by louis XIV
    • -cost $2.5 billion
    • -proof of Absolute power
  4. enlightenment
    an intellectual movement that stressed reason and thought of individuals to solve problems.

    gov, religion, econ, education
  5. 2 old school beliefs and their new school beliefs
    • old new
    • the citizens exist to serve the state - state exists to serve citizens
    • monarchs right is justified by divine right - a govs power comes from consent of people
  6. big picture
    • all events in history, and our lives, are based on belief
    • when beliefs change, revolution is brought about

    enlightenment - american revolution - french revo - latin american revo
  7. thomas hobbes
    wrote the leviathan (sea monster)

    without government, life would be brutish, nasty and short.

    must give up rights to strong ruler.

    supported absolute monarchy, "social contract"
  8. john locke
    people can learn from experience, improve selves

    have natural ability to govern own affairs.

    people are born free + equal

    3 natural rights: life, liberty, and property.

    gov protects rights. if not, citizens overthrow it
  9. 5 principles of enlightenment
    • reason- used to discover logic and truth
    • nature- good and reasonable
    • happiness-
    • progress- society, human kind improve
    • liberty -freedom
  10. voltaire
    tolerance, reason, religious freedom. free speech

    "may not agree.... fight to death"
  11. montisque
    political liberty. separation of powers. checks and balances.

    basis for us gov.
  12. rousseau
    individual freedom, equality of all people, direct democracy, general will of society
  13. scientific revolution
    dramatic/radical change/shift in the understanding of the physical world
  14. scientific revo. was brought about by...
    questioning of beliefs, willingness

    rennaissance, reformation, exploration
  15. geocentric theory
    earth center of universe
  16. heliocentric theory
    sun center of universe
  17. scientific method
    logical procedure for gathering and testing ideas

    question - hypothesis - experiment - analyze - conclusion
  18. galileo
    earth moves
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