Spelling set 1

  1. aerobe
    microorganism that requires oxygen live and reproduce
  2. antagonist
    a drug that joins with a receptor to prevent the action of an agonist at that receptor
  3. asymptomatic
    without any symptons
  4. battery
    actual touching of a person without his or her consent
  5. chief complaint
    main reason for the visit to the medical office
  6. controlled substances
    drugs with a high potential for abuse that are controlled by a special regulations
  7. demographic data
    relating to the statistical characteristics of populations
  8. duress
    the act of compelling or forcing someone to do something that they do not want to do
  9. electronic health records (HER)
    information about patients that is recorded and stored on computer
  10. ethics
    guidelines for moral behavior that are enforced by peer groups
  11. febrile
    having above-normal body temperature
  12. incident report
    a form used by an organization to document an unusual occurrence to a patient, visitor or employee
  13. inhalation
    route of administration in which drug droplets, vapor, or gas is inhaled and absorbed through the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract
  14. malpractice
    a tort in which the patient is harmed by the actions of a health care worker
  15. pathogens
    diseade-causing microorganisms
  16. registered
    indicateds that a professional has met basic re-quirements, usually for education; has passed standard testing; and has been approved by a governing body to perform given tasks within a state
  17. sanitize
    reduce the number of microorganisms on a surface by use of low-level disinfection practices
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