FAS: Greece

  1. What is a Raking Cornice?
    A sloping element that slants above the Horizontal Cornice.
  2. What is a Frieze?
    A decorative band across the upper part of a wall.
  3. What is a Cornice?
    An element ontop of a Frieze.
  4. What is a Lintel?
    A beam spanning an opening between 2 walls or posts.
  5. What is a Capital?
    The top element of a pillar or column.
  6. What is a Shaft?
    The main weight-bearing portion of a column.
  7. What is a Stylobate?
    The top step of a 3-step platform used to support a row of columns.
  8. What is a Pediment?
    Triangluar section of the top of a building formed by a cornice.
  9. What is an Entablature?
    It rests on columns, and consists of the lintel, frieze, and cornice.
  10. What is a Column?
    An upright post, used to bear weight.
  11. What is a Colonnade?
    A line of columns supporting lintels.
  12. Describe Doric Order.
    Simple, heavy columns with out a base-mainly used for support.
  13. Describe Ionic Order.
    Coulmns with an elaborate base resembling a scroll-both for support and decoration.
  14. Describe Corinthian Order.
    Tall, thin column, top decorated with leaves-used mainly inside for decoration.
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