Maternal Changes Ch. 20-21

  1. The return of the uterus to a nonpregnant state is called __________
  2. How many weeks after birth should the uterus not be palpable?
    2 weeks
  3. Subinvolution is the failure for the uterus to return to its nonpregnant state, which are mainly caused by what two factors?
    • Retained placentral fragments
    • Infection
  4. In order for the uterus to start contracting, mothers are encouraged to _______ to stimulate ________ to be released.

  5. Periodic relaxation and vigorous contractions that cause cramping are called _______
  6. Lochia Rubra

    • Bright red
    • 3-4 days
  7. Lochia Serosa

    • Clear yellow
    • 22-27 days

    **tends to be more odorous
  8. Lochia Alba

    • White
    • 2-6 weeks after birth
  9. The cervix will never go back to a circle but will always have a ________ shape
  10. When does the vaginal mucosa return to function?
    When ovarian function begins
  11. What is the introitus?
    Opening to the vagina
  12. What encourages healing in the pelvic muscular support?

    How long does it take to regain tone?
    Kegel exercises

    6 months
  13. How many weeks until the mom's abdomen returns nearly to its prepregnant state?
    • 6 weeks
    • **depending on fatty tissue, previous tone and exercise
  14. If a woman is breastfeeding is it okay to engage in unprotected sex?
    • NO, breastfeeding is not a means of birth control
    • **Use birth control pills
  15. Why does a mom tend to not have a bowel movement for 2-3 days after childbirth?
    • Pain meds cause constipation
    • **Give colace if after 2 days
  16. Why do mom's tend to diurese and diaphorese within the first 2 days?
    Because of decreased estrogen, venous pressure and ridding of excess fluids
  17. What 3 changes protect the mom from hemorrhaging?
    • No more uteroplacental circulation
    • Loss of placental function that vasodilates
    • Mobilizing stored water when blood is loss at birth
  18. Within how many hours after birth should Rh immune globulin be administered to a Rh negative mother?
    Within 72 hours
  19. What is the main cause of excessive bleeding in the mom?
    Uterine atonement (or a boggy uterus)
  20. What intervention best helps maintain uterine tone?
    Fundal massage
  21. What interventions should be encouraged if the mother decides to not breastfeed?

    (To prevent milk engorgement)
    • Wear a tight fitting bra
    • Avoid heat
    • Avoid breast stimulation
  22. After how many weeks is it okay for a couple to resume sexual activity?
    6 weeks
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