Theatre Class Exam Review

  1. What should be in a good theatre review? (7)
    Acting, Lighting, Costuming, Directing, Blocking, Set, and Audience Response
  2. What should a good review NOT be?
    A Summary
  3. What is another word for actor?
  4. What is the name for a stage that has an audience on three sides?
    Thrust stage
  5. What is the Greek definition of 'Drama'?
    • A thing done.
    • To do.
  6. What is the Greek word for 'a seeing place'?
  7. What is an excersize an actor can do to help with diction?
    Tongue Twisters
  8. When an actor has the direction to go Down Left, what will they do?
    Go to their left towards the audience.
  9. What time period did Commedia Dell' Arte come from?
  10. What is the genre of The Taming of the Shrew? Comedy, Tradgedy, or History.
  11. What kind of Greek festivals was drama created?
  12. What is a black-out on stage?
    When all on-stage lights are out.
  13. What is Improv acting?
    No Script. No Prep. No Practice.
  14. Who wrote the music and lyrics for Oklahoma?
    Rogers and Hammerstein.
  15. Thespis is considered the first what?
    Solo Actor
  16. Arena stages have the audience sitting on how many sides?
    Four or All.
  17. Masks helped the Greeks do what?
    Show emotion, project, and play multipule characters.
  18. The arch that goes up and around the edge of a stage with the audience on one side is called what?
    A Proscenium Arch.
  19. Who was another famous playwright from Shakespeare's time?
    Christopher Marlowe
  20. Who was not allowed to act on stage when Shakespeare was writing plays?
  21. What is blocking?
    Stage Directions
  22. Komos and Ode are two Greek words that came together to create the word __________.
  23. What was innovative about the musical Oklahoma when it was first produced?
    They used dance to further the plot
  24. Shakespeare had a son who died. What was his name?
  25. What should one never do in stage combat?
  26. Skene is a Greek word for what part of a theatre?
    Dressing Rooms
  27. Romans changed what part of the theatron when they conquered Greece?
    Added a railing and raised the stage.
  28. Plautus is the most well known _______ from Roman theatre.
  29. The six areas of the body can help when trying to further ___________.
    Physical Character Development
  30. What are the six areas of the body?
    Head, Chest, Stomach, Hips, Legs, Arms/Hands
  31. What are the 4 things an actor needs to develop in "nothing" scenes?
    Who they are, Where they are, What is your relationship, Why are they there
  32. What are the three genres Shakespeare is famous for writing about?
    Comedy, Tradgedy, and History
  33. What was the name of Shakespeare's theatre?
    the Globe Theatre
  34. The character Pedrolion in true Commedia would be what character?
    the moody male lover
  35. To cover up a mistake during a performance, actors use ________.
  36. When an actor loses focus and says something not from the script, laughs in embarrassment, or waves to their mom in the audience, they have what?
    Broken character
  37. What could be an actor's cue?
    line, light cue, or action
  38. What is it an actor should find for a character, using their personal experiences to create?
    an Inner Monolouge
  39. What is projection?
    Being loud enough, without yelling, so that a deaf aunt in the last row could hear.
  40. What is an aside?
    When it is meant for a role to break character to make an annotation to the audience
  41. A director observes people's acting and performance trying to fit people to roles during what?
  42. What is a character?
    The role an actor plays
  43. Honest feedback on a performance is called what?
    Constructive criticism
  44. Another word for enunciation is __________.
  45. When there is something that can give vitality to a performance, it could be called what?
  46. Define Monolouge.
    A solo charcter giving a speech or having a long amount of lines to deliever by themselves.
  47. The reason for a character's intention or action is called thier ________.
  48. What movies did we watch in class?
    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Story Theatre, Oklahoma!, White Christmas, Our Town, Up the Down Staircase, The Taming of the Shrew
  49. Oklahoma! was first produced in what year?
  50. Story Theatre was a great example of what type of acting?
  51. Most Commedia Dell' Arte has at least one cunning servant called the ________.
  52. Class performance evaluation sheets had what kinds of categories on it?
    Vocal, projection, articulation, character voice, physical acting, blocking, energy, and focus.
  53. The Taming of the Shrew was performed in what style?
    Commedia Dell' Arte
  54. What was the name of the mystery play (bible story) that we were supposed to watch in class?
    Isaac and Abraham
  55. What should the first thing a Technical or Production Designer be?
    Read the Script
  56. What is a Cyclorama?
    A blue or white backdrop used to project lights on.
  57. Shapespeare lived from when to when?
    1564 to 1616
  58. What was the most common reason a theatre was closed in Shakespeare's era?
  59. What does a lighting deisgner do?
    Design lights and light plots
  60. Why would a costumer need to do research?
    To know the proper era
  61. Who designs plans for what the stage will look like when performances come?
    Set Designer
  62. What other types of entertainment would arena stages house?
    Cock and Bear Fights and Gladiators
  63. What is a leg in theatre?
    Black curtains on the side of the stage to hide backstage and the wings.
  64. What is a scrim?
    A screen that, depending on lighting, can be blacked out or can project shadows from stuff going on behind it.
  65. What is The Pit?
    Where the orchestra is housed
  66. What is the most common reason for the naming of the Green Room?
    That is where actors got paid.
  67. What are flies?
    The system that can bring over head things on and off stage.
  68. How do you make a flat?
    Use muslin
  69. What is a theatre wagon?
    A platform with wheels
  70. Who "sells" the action in stage combat?
    The victim
  71. Is improv a good acting excersize?
  72. Who was involved in the love triangles in 'Oklahoma!'?
    • Curly-Laurie-Judd
    • Will-Ado-Ali
  73. Who are the four stock characters in Commedia?
    Pantelone, Columbina, Pedrolion, and Harlequin
  74. What is constructive criticism?
    honest feedback given to help make performance better
  75. Who was a famous producer during the Vaudeville era?
  76. In what year was Showboat produced?
  77. Who was the choreographer of the first performance of Oklahoma! in 1943?
    Agnes Demill
  78. What was the basic theme of musicals in the 1960s?
    Social Issues
  79. Musicals in the 1980s & 90s started what?
    Use of extravagent sets and lighting
  80. Who now owns the poems and drawings of children who went into the Terezin Concentration Camp?
    Jewish Museum of Prauge
  81. What are the poems and drawings from the Terezin camp proof of?
    The Holocaust was real
  82. What happens to the Nazi soldier at the end of the play, The Terezin Promise?
    He dies.
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