Psyc. Exam Chapter 12

  1. What is Stress?
    a common, everyday event, and even routine hassles can have harmful effects
  2. individuals appraise events differently and that determines what they may find to be ..?
  3. name the four major levels of stress?
    1. Fruustration 2. Conflicte 3. Change 4. Pressure
  4. what is emotion
    is an arousal may interfere with coping efforts
  5. investigators have tended to focus on ________, but research shows that __________ also occur during period of stress.
    Negative emotions, Positive Emotions
  6. explain the Hans selyes model of the bodys response to stress in what three stages ?
    Alarm, resistence, excustion
  7. stress causes the brain to send signals along how many pathways to the brain and where does it orginiate
    2, hypothamus
  8. explain behavorial responses
    efforts may be unhealthy or heathly
  9. _____ and ___________ oneselfs are less than optimal methods of coping with stress
    Giving up and blaming
  10. Another unhealthy responses is to strike out at other with acts of _____?
  11. _________ one seld is another common responces to stress that tends to be less than _______.
    Endulged, optimal
  12. Stress contributes to many types of physical illnesses and not just what kinds of diseases
  13. Strong emotional responses or reactions may induce what?
    Heart Attacks
  14. There are differences in how much stress people can tolerate with out what?
    Negative effects
  15. what is social support
    can buffer negative effects of stress
  16. name two personality traits that appear to promote health
    optimisim and concienceness
  17. name four health impairing behaviors
    1. smoking 2.lack of exercise 3.poor eating habits 4.behavior and AIDS
  18. name three reactions to illness
    1. the decision to seek treatment 2. communicating with health providers 3. adherence to medical advice
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