crayfish dissection test

  1. to what kingdom does crayfish belong?
  2. to what phylum does crayfish belong?
  3. to what subphylum does crayfish belong?
  4. Describe the crayfish respiratory system.
    • - pinkish-brown gills
    • - under the carapace, above the legs
  5. Describe the crayfish circulatory system
    • - heart (located medially on the dorsal side)
    • - open circulatory system: the heart pumps blood toward the head, then it flows backwards, bathing organs; it collects in sinuses (hollows) around the heart
  6. Describe the crayfish nervous system.
    • - a simple brain
    • - vental nerve cord
  7. Describe the excretory system of the crayfish
    -green glands in the head filter blood and release waste through pores near the antennae
  8. Describe the crayfish digestive system.
    • - maxilipeds ("jaw feet") bring food into mouth
    • - mandibles (jaws) for biting food
    • - mouth
    • - stomach, which contain teeth made of chitin
    • - intestine absorbs nutrients
    • - anus releases waste
  9. Describe the reproductive system of the crayfish.
    • - female crayfish have ovaries which produce eggs
    • - male crayfish have testes which produce sperm
    • - female crayfish carry fertilized eggs with swimmerets until they hatch
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crayfish dissection test
crayfish dissection test